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Vault of the Wardens Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Vault of the Wardens is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Azsuna on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100. The main anagonist race in this dungeon are Nightborne. The dungeon contains 5 bosses. The end boss of Vault of the Wardens is Cordana Felsong.

Vault of the Wardens is located on the south western section of the zone. It is a dungeon that can only be accessed once the player has reached the max level. The dungeon that is at the end of the zone quest line is Eye of Azshara.

The middle three bosses can be completed in any order. If you see a mob with a name, it is just a mini-boss, it won't drop any loot. The mini-bosses are just meant to slow you down along with all the other trash.

Once you have killed the final boss, a warden will appear. If you talk to the Warden, they will teleport you back outside the dungeon so you don't need to Heathstone out or find your way back.

List of Vault of the Wardens Dungeon Bosses

Tirathon Saltheril Tactics

Tirathon will start off as Demon Hunter but shortly into the fight, he will turn into a monster, getting rid of his glaves to fight and using his claw instead. During the fight, he will summon elemental monsters but they are little more than a slight hinderance.

The thing to worry is the line of fel energy that moves in a clockwise motion around the room, you need to keep moving so that the fel doesn't touch you. The higher you are, the less damage the fel line will do.

Inquisitor Tormentorum Tactics

When Inquisitor first appears, he'll be sprouting electrical energy everywhere but will stop when you approach him. The most interesting weapon that he'll have in his armory is to make a spell of yours become disabled. When you get the prompt that he'll disable the next spell, use the spell that you least use so its not affected.

He will jump around the fight area, saying 'Who's behind the door' and adds will come out. Depending on how high you are, you either have to deal with the adds or leave them alone, your choice. One final thing is that he likes to disorientate players so you maybe unable to control your player for a few seconds.

Glazer Tactics

During the fight, he'll create balls of blue energy which will cross the fight area. When an energy ball hits a player, it'll split into smaller pieces and will repeat until the end of the fight.

He'll focus a beam of light at a lense, you need to use the lens by clicking on them to rebound the beam. Only when the beam has been redirected back onto himself will you be able to attack him again.

Ash'Golm Tactics

To get to Ash'Golem, you will need to kill Dreadlord Mendacius as he blocks the room to Ash'Golem. When you enter the room, Ash'Golem will be frozen in ice, only by hitting him to break the ice will the fight start. Once hit, Ash'Golem show himself to be a fire monster.

Ash'Golem will create large circle areas of lava in the room, volcanoes and fire elementals to help him defeat you. Just keep moving out of the fire so that you don't receive too much damage.

I Ain't Even Cold Achievement

Keep walking away from the boss and running into the lava circles. Don't nuke the hell out of the boss until you're Fired Up. An icon will appear by the map icon to show that you are Fired Up at which time nuke the boss.

Cordana Felsong Tactics

When you enter the room, she'll have a conversation with you but won't start until you get close to her. The fight zone is a dark area and there is a Light of Elune to brighten up the room. Only one player can use the Elune at anyone time. During the fight, she'll throw Fel bombs in each direction, you need to avoid them as much as possible.

When Cordana disappears, someone needs to use the Elune to find her to stop her throwing all the Fel balls. If you're aiming to do the "Who's Afraid of the Dark" achievement", the person with the elune needs to drop it as soon as Cordana has been found. Large areas of purple can appear on the ground, the person with the Elune can shrink the areas by walking towards them.

When Cordana goes into the air, she'll create spectral versions of herself, you need to avoid the objects otherwise you could get knock back and the achievement because a faded hope.

Vault of the Wardens Location

Location of Vault of the Wardens

Vault of the Wardens Entrance

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