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Violet Hold (Legion) Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Violet Hold (Legion) is a dungeon whose entrance is located in New Dalaran on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The minimum level for this dungeon is 100. The dungeon contains 7 bosses. The end boss of Violet Hold (Legion) is Lord Malgath.

You can't have Dalaran without another trip to the Kirin Tor prison situated in the Violet Hold. The old bosses have been replaced with new bosses, out has gone the Blood Elf Cyanigosa, in has come the Fel Lord Betrug.

You still have to defeat waves of adds in between each boss encounter. Instead of number of waves, the waves are given percentages. Once a percentage has got to 100%, the boss encounter will begin. It is still three wave groups separating the three bosses.

Unlike the original where the portals just appeared, the portals for the bosses will be opened by Lord Malgath. Lord Malgath will be the penultimate encounter but he will not drop any loot, sorry.

You can fail this encounter by letting the shield percentage to drop to zero percentage. The Violet Hold + Black Morass are the only dungeons that can be totally failed by players when the target of the invasions forces is destroyed.

List of Violet Hold (Legion) Dungeon Bosses

Anub'esset Tactics

Third time lucky to kill the massive spider from Naxxramas. He'll exhibit all the things you've come to expect from this creature from the previous encounters. He'll throw everything he has at you. This includes flies, beatles and icy spikes from the ground. The dps and healers should hit him from the side, leaving only the tank to take the full force of the icy spikes. Once the boss is dead, all his adds will simply disappear.

Blood-Princess Thal'ena Tactics

Festerface Tactics

Millificent Manastorm Tactics

Mindflayer Kaahrj Tactics

Shivermaw Tactics

Lord Malgath Tactics

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