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Waycrest Manor Dungeon Info, Bosses and Location / Entrance

Waycrest Manor is a dungeon whose entrance is located in Drustvar on the continent of Kul Tiras in the World of Warcraft game. The level range for the normal dungeon is 110-120. The dungeon contains 5 bosses. The end boss of Waycrest Manor is Gorak Tul.

Situated at the northern end of Drustvar zone is Waycrest Manor. It has the largest number of bosses for any normal dungeon in the Battle for Azeroth dungeons. If you complete the whole of the Drustvar quest line, you will end up in the dungeon on a mission to slay Lord and Lady Drustvar. The quest line is only for the Alliance characters as they are the only ones who have a quest line here.

The nearest flight point for Waycrest Manor is Corlain for the Alliance and Krazzlefrazz Outpost, a goblin outpost in the mountains. The Krazzlefrazz needs to be set up and built by a quest in the zone, you just can't go there.

The travel through the building is not linear, whilst the last bosses are the Waycrests and Gorak Tul, the other bosses can be done in any order. If you can't find the way to the last two bosses, its behind a closed down leading downwards.

List of Waycrest Manor Dungeon Bosses

Heartsbane Triad Tactics

The Heartsbane Triad are three witches whose health is not shared like other previous bosses. They share a focussing iris which enhances their powers for a brief time. You should target the witch that has the Iris. When the Iris switches, you need to switch your focus.

They all have the same type of spell in what they do. The only difference is what class of spell it is. When I saw class i mean whether it is nature or shadow. The idea is to keep the bosses together so that you can switch between them with ease.

Soulbound Goliath Tactics

The Soulbound Goliath looks like an undead tree walking around. It is has three main spells, one to suck the life from a player and the other to trap the player on the spot. The boss is easy enough to defeat whilst using tankand spank.

Raal the Gluttaneous Tactics

Raal is a hovering pig fixed in one location so you won't need to be chasing him round the room. The tank simply needs to keep aggro as the others take out the pig. To make sure that people don't just stand in one place, Raal will occasionally be sick, both at a random character and a large area in front of him. Although listed as the third character to engage, he can more often than not depending on your route be the first to be encountered.

Lord and Lady Waycrest Tactics

These two are situated in the cellar, just before the final boss. When you approach them, they'll be a barrier preventing you from getting at the them. When the fight starts, the Lord will jump across and attack you. When the Lord comes over, simply attack him, leave the Lady alone for the moment.

As the fight progresses, Lady will heal at the deteriment of her own health the Lord. You need to keep targetting the Lord as when he dies, the Lady's health goes down as she resses him. A ranged can attack the Lady but melee should always stay on the Lord. The Lady when he health is low will fly over and attack though.

Gorak Tul Tactics

Waycrest Manor Location

Location of Waycrest Manor

Waycrest Manor Entrance

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