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Blood Elves were originally known as High Elves before the Scourge came and attacked. They used to be purple skinned like the Night Elf but moving away and evolution caused their skins to change. High Elves praticed magic more than their cousins which caused their expulsion. Led by Prince Kael`thas Sunstrider, they continued their magic using the magical Sunwell on the island of Isle of QuelDanas.

The use of magic caught the attention of the Scourge and the Lich King sent his legions of Undead to kill those Elves. Nearly all of them were killed by the Scourge. Those that were left forged a brief alliance with the humans but that didn`t last long and were soon left alone to fend for themselves. The Prince during the battle, left his followers alone and headed to Outlands to continue his magic investigations. Regent Lor`themar Theron took on the leadership and forged a new one with the Horde. Their name changed to Sin`dorei, meaning Children of the Blood in their language. Their new name was chosen in honour of the dead.

Ther Blood Elves first appeared in the first expansion of the game, the Burning Crusade. Before the Blood Elves came along, the Horde was outnumbered on most of the Warcraft servers, it was the Blood Elves and their near human like appearance that saw the Horde rise in popularity. According to figures from Warcraft Realms in March 2017, Blood Elves account for nearly 40% of the Horde characters. The Goblins are the least popular at 4%.

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