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Ironforge Dwarves

High in the wintery mountains of Dun Morogh lies the majestic city of Ironforge, the home of the Ironforge Clan Dwarfs. Friends to all those in the Alliance, they are a clan based culture. Their accents are based on the Scottish accent. Other Clans include the Dark Iron and Wildhammer dwarves.

Dark Iron Dwarves

When the game first came out, the Dark Iron Dwarves were hostile to all but in the Battle for Azeroth expansion, the Dark Iron dwarves become friendly with the Alliance. You are still able to encounter the Dark Iron Dwarves as enemies in their original zones and the Blackrock Depths dungeon.

Dark Iron Dwarves are led by Queen-Regent Moira Thaurissan (born Moira Bronzebeard) who was the daughter of Magni Bronzebeard who once led the Ironforge Dwarves. Moira disappointed her father and ran off with the leader of the Dark Irons to become their queen. Moira would be instrumental in bringing the Dark Irons into the Alliance fold. To play a Dark Iron, game requires you to complete a number of achievements and a scenario.

Wildhammer Dwarves

Wildhammer ones in the mountains of the Hinterlands and in Shadowmoon Valley are friendly to the Alliance. They lived a secluded life in the mountains until the Orcs arrived so they sided with the Humans to defeat the new enemy. Their primary skills as a race is Engineering and mining and their city is based round a huge forge in the middle. Unlike what has been said in Lord of the Rings, female dwarves do not have beards

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