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Night Elf

Night and Blood Elves used to be of the same blood before there was a schism between the two orders and the bloods left. Originally inhabitants of the lush forests of Ashenvale on Kalimdor, they now reside on Teldrassil with their majestic city of Darnassus. However before they moved to Teldrassil, they lived for a time on Mount Hyjal hidden away from the rest of the world. Now awaken, they fought alongside the other Alliance members at the The Battle for Mount Hyjal to defeat Archimonde, a corrupted Eradari. One of the dungeons opened in the Burning Crusade is to defeat Archimonde (Caverns of Time: Mount Hyja). Their mount is similar to a tiger called a Saber. Don`t be deceived by the pictures, Night Elves are the tallest race in the Alliance.

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Crest of the Night ElfFemale Night ElfMale Night Elf

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