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Orcs have a bad name since Lord of the Rings, they are seen as militaristic and bloodthirsty. Warcraft gave the Orcs a community, an identity and female orcs where as they were only males in the Lord of the Rings. Saruman does say in Lord of the Rings that Orcs are corrupted Elves but no female Orc has been seen in the films at least.

Orc Origins

The Orcs lived on the planet of Draenor in peace. When the Draenei crashed landed on their planet, there was no antagonism between the two races and they lived somewhat in peace. When the Burning Legion led by Sargeras arrived, the Orcs became corrupted and became the foot soldiers for the Burning Legion. The Orcs were encouraged to drink the blood of Mannoroth, a giant Pit Lord creature which turned their skins green.

Garrosh Hellscream believed that drinking the blood of Mannoroth made the Orcs weak. After escaping prison, Garrosh went back in time to the moment of the blood drinking to try to prevent the drinking which he only half succeeded. Some Orcs became green, others didn't.


The Orcs were led to Azeroth where under the influence of the Burning Legion attacked the human settlements. Eventually, the humans and Orcs sided with one another to break the power of the Burning Legion. A truce was called and the Orcs relocated to a barren wasteland which was named Durotar after one of their legendary leaders, Durotan. Their city was named after Orgrim Doomhammer.

Mag'har Orcs

Mag'har Orcs are grey skinned Orcs who are playable in Battle for Azeroth after completing a number of achievements and a scenario. The Mag'har Orcs are the Orcs who were not corrupted by the blood of Mannoroth and who lived in the northern wastelands on Draenor. The Mag'har Orcs arrive by a time-portal. The Mag'har Orcs can stand upright unlike their green skinned cousins.

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