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The Orcs are a militaristic race of humanoids who value honour above all else. They lived in clans on the planet of Draenor in peace with the Draenei before the Burning Legion arrived. They corrupted the Orcs powerful leader Ner`zhul, telling him that the Draenei were in league with the Ogres who were mortal enemies at the time. War began between the two races which at the same time the Orcs began to experiment with Portal technology which would one day destroy their world. Those who survived the destruction of the world of Draenor came to Azeroth. Their new leader King Thrall led a rebellion against the Burning Legion and managed to break from the tyrannical regime. Although some remained loyal to the Legion. Thrall took his people to the wastelands of Durotar where they build their city Orgrimmar. Their colour varies from light to dark green unlike the sort you see in the Lord of the Rings adaptations. There are also female orcs who are of a shorter build.

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Crest of the OrcFemale OrcMale Orc

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