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Pandarens were first introduced in the RTS game Reign of Chaos as a joke but then made their way into the game. Their lore is that they shut themselves off from the world so whilst the Alliance and the Horde had to deal with the Lich King and Deathwing, the Pandarens stayed out of it. When a sea fight between the Alliance and the Horde causes their ships to run aground, the lost continent of Pandaria is discovered. The Pandarens are born on the Wandering Isle and then choose either to be Horde or Alliance. There is no difference between being a Horde or an Alliance, they all the same. With the appearance of the Pandarens, a new fighting skill has been introduced, the Monk. Monks are not limited to being Pandarens but can be learnt by other races. The female Pandarens have a long tail unlike their male and real life Panda Bear counterparts. The female tails make the pandas look more like raccoons than pandas.

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Crest of the PandarenFemale PandarenMale Pandaren

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