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Trolls are a tribal race of mystical humanoids whose home used to be in Stranglethorn Vale in southern Eastern Kingdom. There are many tribes of Trolls, other tribes include the Amani, Zandalari and Gurubashi. In the early expansions including the Vanilla version, it was possible to gain reputation with the Zandalari but they then turned their backs on those helping and it is not possible to gain rep. The Zandalari have taken control of Zul`Gurub (Cataclysm) and see all others as foes.

Trolls are blood thirsty and are known to carry out human and other races sacrifice. If you visit Isle of the Thunder King, the trolls on there are praticing sacrifices although it just amounts to the trolls having their victims on a table and you have to smash the tables for a daily quest.

The Darspear Trolls are the only ones playable in the Warcraft universe. Zul`Gurub, the instance in the zone is believed to be their once mighty city. They fought with the Horde in the Second Great War but when the war ended, their alliance dissipated. They left the Eastern Kingdom, only to be washed up on an Island between the two continents. They they made an alliance with the Orcs to escape from the Murlocs who inhabited the Island. On escaping, Thrall held out an olive branch to the Trolls to come to their City which they accepted. Their mount is the Raptor which is commonplace amongst Stranglethorn Value, Wetlands and Arathi Highlands. King Rastakhan is the surpreme elected leader of all trolls but the Warcraft faction (The Darkspear) is lead by Vol`jin.

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