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The people of Gilneas led a secluded life under the authority of Genn Graymane until they were forced to confront forces of the Horde and Deathwing. The huamns were inflicted by a terrible curse put upon them by Lord Godfrey who turned them into werewolves. Lord Godfrey lives at the top of Shadowfang Keep, a tall castle in Silverpine Forest. The player is able to either appear in human form or as a worgen but when the Worgen enters battle, they turn immediately to a Worgen. Their racial advantage is that they can skin better than any other race.

The Worgen quartermaster is on Teldrassil because if you played the questline as a beginning Worgen, you will see that the first Alliance race that came to their help were the Night Elf. The Worgen leader Genn Graymane can be seen standing by the human leader Variann Wynne in Stormwind.

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