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Conan, Age of

Before Lord of the Rings, there was Conan, the Barbarian (no, not the film). It was a story created by Robert E. Howard during the depression years. He kicked off the genre known as Sword and Scorcery. S&S was coined to describe this genre of story.

It is supposed to be set in an ancient time not a parallel world which most fantasy stories are set in. The game could have got away without having the Conan title in its name. Being unique and original could have helped the game be more successful, same storyline but different no associated license with it.

Warcraft proved it could be successful being untied to any licence except their own. The subscription is slightly more expensive than the equivalent World of Warcraft. It has the same look and feel as Guild Wars but with the monthly fees to pay. Its graphics are more advanced than the cartoony Warcraft, with a little splash of blood spurting during fights. Hopes were running high just before game came out but those hopes soon turned to disappointment and people started leaving. One of the main reasons people left was the lack of content however that weakness, players hope that the next major patch will rectify the problem. You are able to design your character down to the minutist detail such as chin width, eye depth and even bosom size. The fact that you can specify the bosom size means you can identify the player, if they've got big bosoms then the player is a teenage boy.

There are a number of cut-scenes, slightly too many at times but its all done well. Like other games of this type, there are classes of people who can summon pets but there are none that can tame animals. Animal tamers would be great for the game like in Warcraft and Guild Wars. Once the player has reached 40, they are able to use mounts, horses, mammoths and rhinos. Although the last two probably require a higher character.

Guilds are able to build their own settlements in the world. Guild Wars have guild area instances but you can't build them. Warcraft have none.

There are a number of area loading which can become tiresome. Group instances don't start until about level 30 so if you were hoping to get straight in with group questing like that then you will be disappointed. A long the way are a number of bosses to kill outside of dungeons. The first boss to die is the slave master who imprisoned you.

Although you only play human, you can play one of three humans, the Aquilonians, the Cimmerians and Stygians. Each differing in colour, the Stygians being dark skinnesd with Aquilonians being fair skinned and the Cimmerians in the middle. You all start in the same area, near the town of Tortege. In case you're wondering why its featured on this space website, its because I had intended or have added a guild section to this website but the idea never took off. As a guildable game, I thought I should add it to my site.

The game begins with you as a slave who has washed up after the slave ship that was carrying you ran aground. You are tasked with escorting a captured maiden to the first city, Tortege. For most of the early stages of the game, you walk round in loin cloth but as you quest more, you get to add more clothing. Most of the targets you meet early on are panthers and humans whether they be Picts, cannabals or pirates. Dragons are allegedly reserved for higher levels.

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