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Angry Birds - Star Wars

Angry Birds game is predominantly played on tablets and phones. The premise behind the game is that pigs have stolen the bird's eggs and the birds want them back. Using a catapult, you fling birds at the pigs who are hiding in buildings which must be destroyed.

The Original game was released in 2009 and since then, there have been a number of different "flavours" such as Angry Birds - Seasons, Angry Birds - Space, Angry Birds - star Wars I ( Original Series ) and II (Prequels). Each bird has a different mode of attack, for example, the Luke Skywalker character will when clicked on will wave his lightsabre in front of him.

In the first game, you are only able to play the Rebel Alliance but in the second game, you can play both the alliance and empire.

The game can be installed on a paid or advert based basis, if you install the free version, it requires you to pass every level with three stars before opening new levels. For the first game, you needed to do this to open the 'Return of the Jedi' levels. The levels in each game is based around certain part of the movie. The first level of the first game, you are on Tatooine and have to progress to get off and visit the Death Star, Hoth and Bespin to name a few. Characters are introduced, the higher the level. Lando Calrissian appears eventually when the player reaches Bespin.

Its a fun game to play to while away the time, just be careful not to get sucked in and start paying for extras, the costs will mount up.

Also available is 'Star Wars - Space' which has missions in space and there you need to curve the sling shots round the planets atmospheres. The principle of the game is the same, its just a different feel.

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