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The tag behind the game is 'Play the Battles how you want them to be fought' or something like that. The premise behind the game is that you play either a Rebel, a Imperial, a Trade Federation or a Republican soldier. Games are not limited to being foot soldiers, you are able to take control of different vehicles but only those of the same side as you. It is meant to be a pure PVP game so don't expect any puzzles or quests apart from capture the flag.

Battles taken place on most of the familiar planets (Tatooine, Hoth, Bespin etc.) plus one extra Rhen Var, an icy world that wasn't featured in the films. Games are played either off or on-line against other people around the world.

When you register the game, you immediately have to down a patch which is worth it. The patch includes an additional place to fight, that is Jabba, the Hutt's Palace.

The second version of the game has more planets to battle on, such as Mustafar, the Lava Planet. Battles can now take place in space. Tantive IV and the Death Star are locations where you can take the fight to. There is a storyline about the 501st Legion and should you wish, you can follow a storyline. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker etc characters feature in both games, unable to say whether they are playable in the second version, they can't be played in the first.

Games end when the objectives have been met or one sides' personnel have all been killed.

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i have played this game it is interesting and there are some alien in it more like hibrid dudes :D
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