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Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer is a series of RTS games with three different storylines. There is one first/third person shoot-em-up in theseries called Renegade. They predominantly aimed at PCs as control is easiestwhen using a mouse because of the number of different actions that need to be carried out. In the game, you need to harvest rawmaterials, build buildings/vehicles and train soldiers. Westwood produced the RTS game Dune 2 first then decided to create anew, different storyline. Both the Nod and Red Alert storylines are set in parallel universes whereas the Generals could quiteeasily happen in our dimension. In all games you can play any side, each side has their own weapons, buildings, vehicles and personnel.

Brotherhood of Nod Storyline
The world has been ravaged by a war between a religious terrorist organisation called the Brotherhood of NOD (NOD) and what remainsof the free world protected by the Global Defence Initiative (GDI). The NOD is led by the charismatic leader Kane who is played inall games by Joseph Kucan. A number of well-known American actors/esses have appeared in the series. They include James Earl Jones,Michael Biehn,Michael IronsideTricia HelferGrace Park and Josh Holloway. The character in the corner of the third picture is that of Josh Holloway. An alien mineral known as Tiberium has arrived on the planet and both organisations fight for control. It is deadly when contact is made between human and tiberium.The mineral is used to build up cash reserves so that they can build and train. Thereare three versions of the game currently out, not including the expansion packs. Command and Conquer, Tiberium Sun and Tiberium Wars.In the third game in the series, aliens called the Scrin make their first appearance. They unleash an all out war against both theNOD and GDI. They are tripedial creatures with their own weaponry and thrive on Tiberium. Unlike the GDI and NOD, we don't get tosee movies of them instructing what to do. Instructions are just a screen with a world rotating.

Command 1Command 2Command 3Command 4

Red Alert
In an alternate parallel universe, Professor Einstein has travelled back through time and killed Hitler. This he believes willprevent the Second World War from happening. The Nazis do not come to power but Stalin attacks Europe thus beginning an alternateWorld War. There are two games in this series with a third due out. After the first game, a new Russian leader is installedbut he soon launches attacks on America. Action in the first game takes place predominantly in Europe whereas the second game has themajority of action in America. The screenshots are from Red Alert 2. Ray Wise, the Vice President in 24 Day 5 has beenupgraded to the President. Another well known actress is Kari Wuhrer who plays Special Operative Tanya.

Command 1Command 2Command 3Command 5

America and China fight a religious organisation that has declared war on them. You can draw a direct correlation between theterrorist organisation the Global Liberation Army (GLA) and Al-Qaida. In the original Generals, there are no video clips, theyadded them to the expansion. These games were banned in China because in a mission, a renegade GLA group side with the Chinese.There is no reference to Tiberium or anything alien.

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