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There's been past attempts at creating games set around the Doctor Who franchise but nothing as serious as these ones. The games have beendesigned in a third person theme where you control either the The Doctor or Amy Pond. During the game, there is a lot of conversation between the characters which you must click through. During the game, the user is asked to solve a couple of mini-games to advance sometimes through a door or through to the next stage of the game. With the game being free (well, UK only gets it for free, the rest of the world has to pay), don't expect as much depth and detail as you would find in say 'Mass Effect' or 'Dragon Age'. They're perfect for the odd down time. Along the way, you can pick up items which are card collectibles of characters from the various episodes.

City of Daleks

The first game has you facing the Doctor's greatest foe, the Daleks. The Tardis lands in Trafalgar Square, London, Earth, 1963 and it has been totally decimated by the Daleks. The Doctor meets up with Sylvia, one of the very few survivors. After a short time on Earth, you are catapulted to Skaro, home of the Daleks where you must prevent them from carrying out their master plan.

Blood of the Cybermen

This adventure sees the Doctor battling the Cybermen on Antarctica. The storyline borrows elements heavily from the First Doctor's episode 'The Tenth planet'.


The Tardis is meant to be infinite in size but for this episode, its not. The Doctor and Amy need to get the Tardis working properly. You'll be able to explore and resolve puzzles on board the Tardis. For most of this adventure, you play Amy as the Doctor has got himself stuck outside in space.

Shadows of the Vashta Nerada

An experiment in the underwater base of Poseidon 8 causes a rift in space to occur and a two tailed shark and the Vashta Nerada to appear. The Doctor and Amy have to close the rift and return everything back to normal.  Easier said than done ;-). During the game, the player has to avoid the skeletons in space suits and darkness where the micro-organisms live.

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