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The game it should be said is definitely not for children, it includes lots of blood spurting out from characters as they are hit. The monsters can be quite frightening as you can probably get an idea from the screenshots below. It is a single player game with no-on-line options so if "World of Warcraft" is hitting you in the pocket, this is a cheaper option. There is a community where you can share screenshots and achievements but you can't play in game with other people. Whilst the game might seem a bit limited because it's a single player game, you are able to buy expansion packs from the official website to extend the game further. The people behind this game, BioWare are currently developing the new Star Wars MMORPG, 'Knights of the Old Republic' so in the near future, they might turn this into a MMORPG. The current market for fantasy MMORPGs is saturated with the likes of 'World of Warcraft', 'Conan, Age of', 'Guild Wars 2', 'Runes of Magic', 'Lord of the Rings', 'Everquest' and 'Warhammer'. Over the last couple of years, there have been three new MMORPGs but none have dented the popularity of 'World of Warcraft'. If they're going to attempt to break into the fantasy market, they're going to have to be pretty darn unique and stand out from the rest.

Currently there is Dragon Age - Origins and a sequel called Awakening which is set six months later in another country called Amaranthine. Dragon Age 2 is currently in production with a March 2011 release date. The game has a heavy Role-Playing element to the game. There are a lot of cut scenes where you are expected to make decisions. Some decisions may affect the story line but others can be a quite time-consuming pain. The screen shots below are all from Origins. The game has achievements like those in Warcraft which you unlock as you play the game.

The start of the game depends on which class of character you have chosen and it's racial. A character's class is whether they are a warrior, a mage or a rogue. Each class has subclasses, for instance the rogue can become a hunter where he can call upon the wildlife to help him. There are a number of important characters that you will meet along the way, each roughly unique to each game. Characters can be customised to your liking


The game is set in the country of Ferelden, one of many countries in the fantasy continent of Thedas. The country is populated by Humans, Dwarfs and Elves, all of whom are playable races. Every so often throughout history, the Darkspawn, demonic creatures from the underworld rise to the surface and slaughter the people above in what is known as the Blight. The game is set in the fifth Blight and you are tasked with other Non-Player Characters, some known as the Grey Wardens, the original defenders to protect it. Behind the Darkspawn is an archdemon which must be killed.

The game's start depends on which class and racial you have chosen for your character. Gender does not figure in the storyline of this game except near the end. After starting in your respective locations, you meet up with Duncan, a grey warden who'll take you through the initial stages up until the Battle of Ostagar when he'll be killed. From that point on, you must then rally the kingdoms of man, elf and dwarf to fight the Darkspawn and kill the Arch demon at the heart of the Darkspawn. You will visit each of the settlements and persuade the rulers to join in the fight. At the Battle of Ostagar, the forces of good were slaughtered when the backup forces did not intervene.

Important characters that you meet will be: - Duncan, a grey warder who will guide you through the early stages of the game. Cailan Theirin, King of the country who is killed at the Battle of Ostagar. Loghain Mac Tir, Theirin's right hand man who should have come to the aid of the king but didn't therefore resulting in the loss at Ostagar. Zathrian, played by Tim Russ (Voyager) fame who is the Elven King where you decision to help or not help can dictate the rest of the game. Morrigan, a witch's (Flemeth, voiced by Kate Mulgrew (Voyager> daughter, voiced by Claudia Black (Farscape) who can dictate the end of the game whether you decide to mate and create a baby or not that will ultimately kill the final boss. If you have created a female character, you can elect a male member of your party to do the dead. Morrigan's purpose coming along was to create an offspring. An additional storyline is to kill Flemeth to prevent the old witch from taking over Morrigan's body when the old one dies.


The sequel is set six months after the incidents of the first. You are now a Grey Warden tasked with trying to rebuild the Grey Warden Order. You also need to deal with political matters as the Arl of Amaranthine. Arl is just another way of saying Earl. You may create a new character or if you enjoyed your previous character, you can carry that one over to play with.

You start by investigating what happened at Vigil's Keep where the attack seems to be different to before. Previous attacks, the Darkspawn have launched all out assaults on its enemies. At Vigil's Keep, the assault was different, it was as if there was an intelligent force behind the attacks. It is revealed that a new Darkspawn, one that can talk is involved, he is known as the Disciple. However he is swiftly dealt with. Other characters in the game are 'Architect' and 'Mother'. The Architect will keep appearing at various points in the game and we don't find out about him until the very end. The Mother is the Darkspawns' broodmother and there is antagonism between those two.

You travel to a number of different locations and depending on your actions, you end up having to protect or destroy Amaranthine or Vigil's Keep.

At the end of the game, you find out that the Architect was the person who released the Darkspawn through a failed experiment. The ending depends on what actions the player has taken throughout the game.


This is a series of six webisodes on Youtube that are free to watch about an Elvish assassin who is sent on a task to capture a rogue Qunari mage. The quality of the film looks cheaply done, it not up to the quality of Peter Jackson but its fun and entertaining when bored. Its not recommended for young and those that get scared too easily. 18+ Only, You have been warned.

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