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Elder Scrolls Online

The first Elder Scrolls game was released back in 1994 with Elder Scrolls: Arena. 20 years later, they have moved from single player mode to MMORPG mode with Elder Scrolls Online hoping to be the game that finally dents World of Warcrafts armour. Other games such as Rift have tried and failed. Rift started off as a subscription based game before throwing in the towel and becoming free to play. Unlike Rift and Warcraft, Elder Scrolls is being released on console (Xbox One and PS4) a couple of months after being released on the home of role-playing MMORPG P.C. All gameplay will take place on one mega server so no need to worry which server your friends are on.

World of Tamriel

The game is set before Skyrim on the continent of Tamriel, planet Nirn. The green zone on the map above is Cyrodiil which is the main PVP area of the game. To enter the zone, you must be a level 10. The Daedric Prince Molag Bal is the main antagonist in the story, the one you must beat. Molag is trying to meld his realm with his plane of Coldharbour, a plane that resembles Nirn but is corrupted. The adventurers must venture forth and get to max level which for the game is 50.

The game is graphically superior to anything you see in World of Warcraft but graphics were never Warcrafts selling point. WOW aimed at keeping graphic quality low so that they could get the most number of people to play. Like Warcraft, the player is able to travel the area on a horse but there are no flying mounts which remains the preserve of Warcraft.

The races in Elder Scrolls are the same as you saw in Skyrim but without the Imperials. To play the Imperials you need to buy the Digital Imperial Edition. Imperials are not aligned to any faction allowing you to choose who to play with. Like Skyrim, dwarves have been omitted from the list of races that you can play. Familiar races are Orcs, Humans (Nord) and Elves (Dark, Wood and High). In addition to those races, there are also the Khajiit (Cat like) and Argonian (Lizard like). All the races have been split into three factions of three races each. This makes the game stand out compared to other MMORPGs in that there are three factions.

FactionRacesHome Zone
Daggerfall ConvenentBreton, Redguard, Orc
Ebonheart PactNord, Dark Elf, Argonian
Aldmeri DominionHigh Elf, Wood Elf, Khajiit

With Warcraft, you had eleven classes (death knight, druid, hunter, mage, monk, paladin, priest, rogue, shaman, warlock, warrior) in which to play with, however in this game, there are only four classes that can be played at present. Each class will have subclasses to specialise in. Unlike Warcraft, you are not limited to which classes you can play dependent on your race.

Dragon KnightsThis is the close quarter character class that not only allows you to fight melee but also to use magic. They are a cross between Mages and Warriors that you find in WOW. These are the ones to be if you fancy tanking.

NightbladeThese can move and attack stealthly, they are equivalent to Rogues in Warcraft.

SorcerersThese are the magic dwellers, they are equivalent to shadow priests, mages and warlocks in Warcraft.

TemplarThese are both healers and dpsers that can use spells to heal and cause damage against their foe. These are equivalent to Paladins.

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