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Eve Online is the most widely known space trading MMORPG in the world. Codemasters are soon to release their space basedMMORPG game called `Jumpgate Evolution` then its crown may shrink. Until then, this is the best available. The game started off being a subscription based game with only one realm, however, now it has become free to play so no subscription. The only game left to be subscription based now is World of Warcraft but given its massive drop in subscribers, it may go free to play one day.

It is similar to the old eight-bit Elite game of theeighties. You are in control of a space craft and travel through space, trading and fighting. It contains an untold number ofplaces to visit including and not limited to moons and planets. Travel between planets of great distances are possible due tothe existance of wormholes situated through the galaxy. The fourth screen shot shows you the entire universe that canbe visited. The story is that humans have moved into space and have splinted into a number of colonies.

When you first arrive in the game, you have to select your faction between on of five colonies/factions of humans. These arethe Amarr Empire, the Caldari State, the Gallente Federation, the Jove Empire and the Minmatar Republic. Each colony has a backhistory to them and you can decide which best fits you. You then get to createyour avatar for communications. Once created, you can begin the game.

Like so many similar MMORPGs, you are ableto join Guilds, they are termed Corporations. Corporations in turn can band together and form Alliances. The most famous alliance is Band of Brothers however that group has since been disbanded into smaller groups.Players are able to fight both with and against one another. Band of Brothers were in the news when all their bank money wasstolen and sold for real cash. Whilst travelling in space, you could be attacked at any point, however there are safe placesthat players are protected from being attacked by space police.

First person fighting is being developed to co-exist with the flying. It is unclear as to whether you`ll be able to fly to a planet, land,fight and control or whether you recruit people to do the fighting for you. The FPS is called Dust 514. The trailer of the game, againfound on youtube is below.

The trailer is something found on Youtube that gives a good idea of what the game is all about. Its not the butterfly effect movie but onethat is much better. If playing the game on the internet is not your cup of tea, you check out X3 - Terran Conflictas that game has the same premise, fight and trading. However playing X3, you`ll miss out on player tournaments.

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