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Mass Effect

It is a RPG so expect a lot of video clips and making decisions on what happens next. You get to create your own character and design what they look like. You are always referred to as Shephard, never by first name. The games play very much like MMORPG (e.g. Warcraft) where you have different classes and talents.

Bioware is also responsible for developing Dragon Age, a fantasy setting RPG with the same level of features, e.g. talents, skills, characters and interaction. Unlike its equivalent fantasy adventure (Mass Effect), this game is no more violent than any other game of its type. There are no blood splatterings but gun fire like in Star Wars. As in Mass Effect, there are a number of add-ons you can purchase to extend the game. However, most of the add-ons are time limited and you need to buy them whilst they available. If you bought the game when its price was on budget, the expansions won`t be available.

There are a number of alien races that you will encounter, not all of them will be friendly. Some aliens of the same race will be friendly, some will be hostile. One of the alien races is the Geth, a robotic life form, virtually straight out of the pages of Battlestar Galactica or Transformers book.You`ll find out which when you come across them. When you fight, you will be accompanied by two characters which you can switch between when the need arises.

Mass Effect

The company have hired a number of well known actors (Seth Green, Marina Sirtis and Lance Henriksen) to voice a number of the characters in the first game. The game starts with the SSV Normandy space ship comming under attack as it goes to recover an artifact from the planet Eden Prime. From that point on, the action is dependant on what the player chooses to do.Action takes place across a number of planets which the player will visit using the SSV Normandy. The underlying objective of the game is to uncover a conspiracy that is going on between the Council and an alien life-form.

Mass Effect 2

The second games boasts an equally well know list of voices from Adam Baldwin (Firefly) to Claudia Black (Farscape, Stargate SG1). It is set a couple of years after the first game. Instead of re-inventing your previous character, you able to import or simply create a new character.

The game starts with the destruction of the Normandy SSV by an alien race. Shephard, the main protagonist is killed but is brought back to live by Cerebus, a human organisation. They want Shephard to investigate the destruction.

Mass Effect 3

The preview video shows a devasted city where Shephard is watching people trying to survive. The camera pulls back to show he`s hiding out in Big Ben, London and that London has been destroyed. The action that switches to him being aboard a spaceship looking on defenceless at the planet under attack. He is tasked with getting help and saving the planet. It is due Holiday 2011, so roughly about August 2011 I guess.

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