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From the stables of Ubisoft comes Rift, a new challenger to the World of Warcraft crown but whether it will succeed is open to debate. The game contains all the elements you would expect from a MMO, the PVP element, the background story, the professions, magic and monsters to name a few. The graphics are a little more demanding and clearer than the cartoony Warcraft graphics. All the female toons seem to have cleavage on show whatever you put on. The adventures are set on a continent on the world of Telara. It is under the attack by monsters from other dimensions led by a demon known as Regulos. The picture on the bottom right is the demon. The game starts in the future where you quest in an enclosed zone before being transported to the beginning zone which is one side of a broken bridge, Guardians to the North and the Defiants to the South.

Mounts can be purchased at anytime, you're not limited to being a certain level. All you need is the requisite amount of money of 2 platinums and 50 gold pieces then you can ride at "speed" around the zones.

Every so often, a rift will open up and they'll be public quests which anyone can do to close the rift. The rift openings become less and less frequent, the higher your character gets.

Characters are split into one of two factions, the Guardians and the Defiants. Character classes are not limited to races as they are in Warcraft, you can be any race and be any class. There are four main classes, each with eight subclasses which can get confusing at times. When you gain a talent, it can be for any of your three classes that you've chosen so choosing wisely is a must as it can get bewildering trying to work out where to spend your talents.


These are a band of three races, humans (Mathosians), elves and dwarves whose capital is Sanctum, a small island off the coast of Silverwood zone in the northern section of the continent.


The Defiants consists of a group of humans, the Ethians who broke away from the Mathosians and forged an alliance with Kelari and the Bahmi. Their capital is Meridian in the south central area of the continent.

Storm Legion

At the end of 2012, the first expansion was released known as Storm Legion. It expanded the world by creating two new continents Brevane and Dusken.

Main ClassSubclasses
ClericsCabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, Shaman, Purifier, Sentinel, Warden, Justicar
MagesElementalist, Necromancer, Pyromancer, Stormcaller, Warlock, Chloromancer, Archon, Dominator
RoguesAssassin, Bladedancer, Marksman, Nightblade, Ranger, Saboteur, Riftstalker, Bard
WarriorsBeastmaster, Champion, Paragon, Riftblade, Paladin, Reaver, Void Knight, Warlord

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