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The Scourge are a vast army of undead warriors created by the Ner`Zhul to do his dirty work. When Kil`Jaeden heard of this, he set out to recruit the Shaman. The Shaman pledged his services and that of the Orcs to the Burning Legion. Its purpose was to spread terror and destruction before theBurning Legion arrived. It was responsible for the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people. Part of the Undead broke away from the rest, led by Sylvannas Windrunner. The break away faction became known as the Forsaken. The Undead are resurrected Humans and Night Elfs who fight against the living. The Scourge used a disease to convert those living into the Undead. The lands of the Western andEastern Plaguelands have remnants of the disease in the air.

Prince Arthas Menethil

One half of the dreaded Lich King, the other is Ner`zhul. His name is similar to the Witch King which is in the Lord of the Rings universe. He was a young prince whose father resided over the City of Lordaeron in Tirisfel Glades. He was a Paladin who competed with Prince Kael`thas Sunstrider for the love of Jaina Proudmoore. He was taught by Uther Lightbringer to become a knight of the Silver Hand. When news came of the Scourge attack, he went to Brill to investigate with Jaina. He went to Stratholme to investigate more when the plague began to affect him. At that point Jaina left him. He and his army slaughtered all those in the city to prevent the plague from spreading. Driven mad by the plague and Mal`Ganis and so chased him to Northrend with an army of men. When he got to the island, his boats were destroyed. Blaming the men for the boats destruction, he killed his men. He joined on through the wastes with just one of his men left. He would later sacrifice his college.

Months later, he returned to Lordaeron where he slaughtered his father then rode out of Lordaeron on a skeletal horse. He was now under the control of the Scourge. He then proceeded to Quel`Danas where he slaughtered countless untold number of High Elves.

When he returned to Northrend, he disobeyed the Lich King and slaughtered him. He placed the helmet on his head and sat on the throne, pronouncing himself Lich King.


He was a powerful Orc Shaman who was corrupted by the Burning Legion. He led the attacks on the other races esp. the Humans. He was the principle creator of the Undead Armies. His life ended on the battlefields then encased on Northrend to return later.


He was a powerful Dalaran magician whose quest for knowledge got the better of him. He left the city to learn more of necromancy which eventually led him to Northrend. His first assignment by the Scourge was to spread the plague in and around the town of Brill. This he did without questioning.


He was one of Archimonde`s Lieuteants and a messenger for the Burning Legion. His birthplace was the Twisting Nether where he occassionally visits. He overseas the Lich King on behalf of the more senior Burning Legionnaires.

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