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Skyrim, not to be confused with the James Bond film Skyfall is a high fantasy game set in the province of Skyrim, on the continent of Tamriel, on the planet of Nirn. It is the fifth is a series of first/third person games set on the fantastical world of Nirn. As the game improved, more resources were spent on the game and less random places were created.

I1994ArenaTamrielImperial Battlemage Jagar Tharn
II1996DaggerfallHigh Rock, HammerfellGortworg
III2002MorrowindVvardenfellDagoth Ur
IV2006OblivionCyrodiilMythic Dawn

The makers have never shyed away from aiming the game at adults. In earlier versions, when you striped the characters, you would see their breasts but protected by some sort of child-lock. In the latest version, Skyrim, the closest you get to full nudity is underwear however it is possible to break the game with an add-on and so see everything. It probably comes as no surprise that that add-on is the most downloaded and used. It only works for three races.

Compared to World of Warcraft, the MMORPG, Skyrim is graphically superior and its tone is set definitely for adults. Skyrim is a solo-player game but in the works is Elder Scrolls Online. In a market that is heavily catered for, it will have to do something different for it to stand out. With a lot of games going free, ESO will need to be something special.

It has been developed with amazing graphics, the females look like normal women, they don't have over-inflated breasts which some developers have used in the past to entice men to play.

As its solo-player, there's no one to ninja gear off you after you've beaten a monster, no rolls for gear. Unlike in other games, you are able to buy property which you can call your own which you can't do in World of Warcraft. Mounts are buyable, there's no need to learn the skill. You can steal horses if you don't have the money for the horse. There's crafting like in WoW and also the ability to get married which you don't get in WoW.

The one thing that is missing from Skyrim are Dwarves, one of the main races in many fantasy storylines.

There are ten races to play in Skyrim, some are cousins of others, for example, you have High Elves, Dark Elves and Wood Elves.

List of Races in Skyrim

 RaceClassificationRacial Abilities
Skyrim Female ArgonianSkyrim Male ArgonianArgonianLizardNatural Resistance to Disease
Breathe Underwater
Regenerate Health

Skyrim Female BretonSkyrim Male BretonBretonHumanMagic Resistance
Ability to absorb spells

Skyrim Female Dark ElfSkyrim Male Dark ElfDark Elf/DunmerElfFire Resistant
Able to surround themselves in fire

Skyrim Female High ElfSkyrim Male High ElfHigh Elf/AltmerElfStrongly gifted in arcane power
Able to regenerate magick quickly

Skyrim Female ImperialSkyrim Male ImperialImperialHumanCombat/Magick Skilled

Skyrim Female KhajiitSkyrim Male KhajiitKhajiitFeline/CatNatural Stealthiness
Able to see in dark
Unarmed claw attack

Skyrim Female NordSkyrim Male NordNordHumanResistance to the Cold
Warrior Talent
Battlecry makes Opponents Flee

Skyrim Female Skyrim Male OrcOrcOrcCraftmanship
Berserker Rage

Skyrim Female RedguardSkyrim Male RedguardRedgardHumanPoison Resistance
Adrenaline Rush

Skyrim Female Wood ElfSkyrim Male Wood ElfWood Elf/BosmerElfDisease and Poison Resistance
Able to recruit animals to fight alongside
Skilled in Archer

The areas in which the characters play are vast, Bethesda claimed that Daggerfall area was twice that of Great Britain. Great Britain is no small jot of land, it is 229,848 km2. Some of the land in the earlier Elder Scrolls were random and the user could on some occasions see the same town again.

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