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Starcraft is well-known Real Time Simulation (RTS) game in the same mould that Command and Conquer is but not as popular. You harvest, build (armies, vehicles, buildings ) and defeat your enemy. Currently, the second version of the game is due out in November 2008 in time for Christmas. The storyline is about humanity having reached for the stars and encountering new life forms. The alien races in the game are the Protoss and the Zerg. The story is presented with a series of cut-scene motion. Given the success of Warcraft, it is only a matter of time when they turn Starcraft into on-line experience with running around, flying crafts etc.

The Story so far

Due to overpopulation of the Earth, a large number of humans have left Earth for a new place on which to live. Due to a malfunction, they did not go to where they had planned to go, instead they crashed landed on three planets. Over time, they colonise the surrounding planets and build up their colonies. Their worlds make up the Confederacy. As in Earths history, wars break out between the different colonies but they soon make amends. Without warning, one of their new worlds, Chau Sara is obliterated by an alien race known as the Protoss. Before the Protoss attack another planet, the Confederacy has mobilised their defences against the enemy. On Mar Sara, a colony is attacked by aliens it soon becomes clear that they are not the same alien race. Those on the planet Mar Sara are insectoid like and become known as the Zerg. The aliens are killed and Terrans are evacuated from the planet with the help of the Rebels. Rebels within the Terran Confederacy learn of a plot that brings the Zerg to Terran planets which are then attacked by the Protoss. The reason for the Confederacys actions is to distract the Zerg away from Tarsonis, the capital world. The Rebels attack Tarsonis, by planting Zerg homing beacons on the planet. Both the Zerg and Protoss come and they fight it out rather than the Protoss obliterating the planet like they had previously. Protoss decide that the loss of life on the planet is too much to justify. The planet is lost and Terrans leave the planet. Those who left the planet, join the Rebels in a new Terran order. More indepth storyline including of character can be read at the Starcraft site.


Humans who have left the overpopulated world of Earth in search of a new planet. They band together under the banner of the Terran Confederacy. Their main planets are Chau Sara, Mar Sara, Antiga Prime, Tarsonis. Amongst the Terrans are a group of Rebels who are at war with the Confederacy. The Confederacy`s capital world is Tarsonis. The planet is attacked when the Rebels hatch and execute a plan to bring the Zerg to the planet.


A humanoid type life-form that originate on the planet Aiur who are the mortal enemies of the Zerg. They attack worlds where the Zerg are based in the attempt to prevent them from taking control of further worlds. Its culture is based on a Caste system with different levels. With all the attacking the other planets, they leave themselves open and are duly attacked by the Zerg in the end. Their homeworld was a lush forestry like planet.

The Zerg

An insect like life-form that live in Hives across that sector of space. They are controlled via a hierarchy of Zergs with subordinate creatures controlling lower hives. They are a fast breeding creatures which is why the Protoss are so eager to destroy as many homeworlds that they can find.

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