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Star Trek Online

Six years after the world was introduced to Star Wars the MMORPG computer game, comes Star Trek. The idea behind the game is that you are a star ship Captain and are tasked with carrying out missions for either the United Space Federation (Vulcan, Human, Andorian (Possibly>, the Klingon Empire and now the Romulan Empire. In later expansion packs, wouldn`t be surprised if additional races were added to the list that you can work for. For example, maybe the Dominion, the Cardassians or even the Ferengi. Adventures are most likely going to be in the Alpha or Beta Quadrants so the Dominions are a little way off yet and so are the Kazons, the Ocampas or Hirogen.

Like with many other MMORPG, they`ll be high level raids to undertake in groups. You`ll be able to face off against a BORG cube most likely. As you progress, you`ll be given command of bigger ships. You`ll have an avatar character in which you`ll be able to interact with other people and explore alien worlds. Expansion packs will be developed in years to come which will add new planets to the already explored galaxy. Travelling round the craft is limited to the bridge currently but in future, you will be able to travel round the craft, visit medical bay, possibly the holodesk. Will it be a Warcraft killer, only time will tell. It could face a stiff competition from Star Wars - The Old Republic MMO when that comes out.

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