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World of Warcraft

The game is a science-fiction/fantasy setting game that has been included on this website because it is set in another galaxy or in another dimension within the multiverse. The storyline has elements from as the story Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkein. It has a detailed back story to the game and there have been books written to accompany the story.

The game started off a RTS game in much the same way as Starcraft and Command and Conquer which they later turned it into a 3D type game, known better as World of Warcraft. Pictures, maps and details are mainly from the World of Warcraft, only briefly touching on the RTS side of things.

It is set on the known worlds of Azeroth, Draenor the Red World (later called Outland), Argus, K'aresh, and Xoroth. In the game there are three factions, Alliance, Horde and the Burning Legion. Players can only play either the Horde or the Alliance. Questing is against the Burning Legion for both Alliance and Horde. Players on one side can fight the other in PvP battlegrounds. It has eight million players world wide and is growing. The nearest competitor is Everquest in terms of storyline. Everquest was the original fantasy MMORPG but has lost ground and virtually disappeared. Players are encouraged to work together through group quests, guilds and dungeons/raids.

Argus is the original home of the Draenei, the blue skinned Alliance faction race. Two of their leaders, Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden were forced to leave the planet, leaving it to the Burning Legion. Players get the chance to visit Argus at the end of the Legion expansion, where the fight is taken to the home world of the Legion.

Guilds are groupings of player which people can create or join. When the game appeared, its only competition had been from Everquest which had come out a number of years earlier and is similar to Warcraft. Now there are quite a few competitors such as Guild Wars, Lord of the Rings, Warhammer - Age of Reckoning and Conan - Hyborian Adventures. Warcraft has the largest user base with an estimated eight million worldwide. Guild Wars is different from the others in that it doesn't charge a monthly fee to play the game.

Questing is carried out on one four continents on Azeroth, they are Eastern Kingdom, Kalimdor, Pandaria and Northrend. A further continent Outlands is on Draenor, now known as the Outlands asteroid. In 2014, players returned to Draenor as it looked before the world got turned into an asteroid. Each continent is further broken down into zones. The maps are from the pre-Cataclysm world, post-Cataclysm, the world will have changed with new zones and altered zones. Currently, the Eastern Plaguelands looks diseased, when Cataclysm comes out, the world will have changed to a lush green zone.

As well as the Burning Crusade, there are other factions that the user has to deal with. Some factions, you are able and encouraged to gain rep with them, for example the Steamweedle Cartel, a group of unaligned Goblins. Factions that you are unable to gain rep with are Burning Legion, Defias, Scarlet Crusade and Scourge.

There are a wide variety of different creatures that can be killed, here's just a few of the monsters you might meet :- dinosaurs, Goblins of the Steamweedle Cartel, Murlocs, Nagas and the Oozes

Alliance Races

The Alliance are a group of friendly organisations who trust one another working to prevent the downfall of Azeroth. The unofficial supreme leader of the Alliance is King Varian Wrynn. They have fought many battles against both the Burning Legion and the Horde, winning most (well, depending on your affiliation). Prominent Alliance people are Jaina Proudmoore, a human mage who appears every so often to give you a new task to aid you on the way and Bran Bronzebeard, a dwarven male. The Alliance first started in the city of Lordaeron but that was taken over by the Scourge then the Forsaken. As that was no longer available, the Alliance moved their headquarters to Stormwind. The human city of Gilneas was afflicted by a virus which turned the people into wolves and they hid away from society. Now with the rise of Deathwing dragon, the occupants of the zone have rejoined the Alliance.

RaceLeaderMountHome CityStarting Zone
DraeneiProphet VelenElekk, a elephant like mountThe ExodarAzuremyst Isle
DwarfKing Magni BronzebeardRamIronforgeDun Morogh
GnomeHigh Tinker Gelbin MekkatorqueMechanostriker, Mechanical EmuIronforgeDun Morogh
HumanKing Varian WrynnHorseStormwindElwynn Forest
Night ElfHigh Priestess Tyrande WhisperwindSaber, tiger mountDarnassusTeldrassil
WorgenKing Genn GraymaneRun on all fours and a horseGilneas CityGilneas
PandarenAysa cloudsinger (Alliance) and Ji Firepaw (Horde)Dragon Turtle Shrine of Two Moons (Horde) and Shrine of Seven Stars (Alliance)Vale of Eternal Blossom

Horde Races

The races that make up the Horde are mistrustful of one another with an uneasy truce between the factions. The unofficial leader of the horde is Warchief Thrall. The Orcs used to be under the control of the Burning Legion but they managed to break free and set up a new home in the desert land of Durotar. Like the Orcs, the Forsaken were also under the spell of the Undead but under the leadership of Lady Windrunner, a large number of them broke free and set up home in Undercity in the Glades. The Taurens joining the Horde was a bit of opportunistic luck. Thrall found that the Taurens were being hassled by a group of Centaurs and offered his help to them. The savage Trolls were offered a home when their home in Stranglethorn Value was taken over by another group of Trolls. Thrall offered the Trolls sanctuary which they accepted. They accepted and the rest as they say is history. The Blood Elves like the Night Elves were part of the Alliance but they felt betrayed and so left and sort sanctuary with the Horde. The Goblins of the Bilgewater Cartel joined the Horde when Deathwing threatened their place in the world.

RaceLeaderMountHome CityStarting Zone
Blood ElfRegent Lor'themar TheronHawkstrider, an emu like mountSilvermoonEversong Woods
ForsakenLady Sylvannas WindrunnerSkeletal HorseUndercityTirisfal Glades
GoblinTrade Prince GallywixMotor-TricycleBilgewater HarborAzshara
OrcKing ThrallWolfOrgrimmarDurotar
TaurenGrand Chief Cairne BloodhoofKodo LizardThunder BluffMulgore
TrollKing Rastakhan/Vol'jinRaptorOrgrimmarDurotar

Player Classes

Death KnightTank / MeleeDeath Knights were introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and unlike all the other classes, you could start at level 55, therefore avoiding the lower levels. You start off in a secluded area of the Eastern Plaguelands where Arthas, the Lich King gives you quests to do. These tasks are usually concerned with killing the Scarlet Crusade. Completion of one task gives you a free mount skill and subsequent free mount. The nice feature of Death Knights is that they have the ability to grab and pull their targets to them like what the abominations do in the game. Although your level might start at 55, your professions start at 0. All racials are able to be a Death Knight. They are the only melee class which have pets to call upon.
Demon HunterMelee / TankUnlike the other classes, you only have two specification with this class, Melee (Havoc) and Vengeance (Tank). They are the only class that can wield Glaives, the weapons that Illidan Stormrage, the Black Temple end boss. Only Night Elves and Blood Elves are able to be Demon Hunters, all other classes are excluded. One of their best moves is that of jumping higher and further than anyone else.
DruidTank / Healer /
Melee / Ranged
Druids are one of the most popular classes in the game as you are able to be of any type, e.g. Tank. When you fight, you polymorph into either a bear (tank), tree (healer), panther (melee) or boomkin (ranged). They also are able to morph into a bird for flight mode immediately unlike that of other types. Druids are the only class that have the ability to resurrect someone whilst in battle. They are only able to do that once every four minutes but in a long boss battle, its a massive plus.
HunterRangedHunters are able to train wild animals to become their pets to fight. Different animals have their advantages, panthers and wolves are great for dps and bears are good for getting aggro off the hunter so he can shoot or run away.
MageRangedThey have the best crowd control skills in the game. If there are for example two monsters to kill, the Mage can polymorph one into a sheep and kill the other one. The sheep will stay in its form until it is hit or the spell has worn off. Mages are also able to create food from nowhere and open portals for groups to travel through to the major cities.
MonkTank / Healer / MeleeThe Monk class was introduced in the Mists of Pandaren expansion. The only spec the Monk can't do is to fight ranged. The Monk uses martial arts to fight such as a round-house kick and uses meditation to heal and learn.
PaladinTank / Healer / MeleeA popular class due to it being able to do three diferent roles.
PriestHealer / RangedThe best healers in the game with their range of spells.
RogueMeleeThe thief class in the game. They able to pick pocket their enemies and can also sneak up and sap them, knocking them out for a short duration of time. They are one of the classes for PVP due to the fact they can stealth up to an enemy and sap or damage them over time with their poisons.
ShamanHealer / Melee / RangedAt the start they were only available to the Horde but with the release of the Burning Crusade, their skill is now available to the Alliance. Shaman are always wanted for raids due to their chain healing and their hero spell. Hero will increase everyone's abilities either to heal or damage for a short time. When Hero is enabled, everyone's height is increased.
WarlockRangedWarlocks have the ability to summon a range of supernatural pets from Imps to Doomguards. Whilst most of the summoned pets are ranged, the doomguards are a melee pet, they will walk over to the target and hit it with an axe. They are also able to summon group/raid members to locations where there are no summoning stones.
WarriorTank / MeleeWarriors are nearly always expected to be tanks because of their armor and they are normally have high stamina to last the distance.


AlchemistCreatingPrimaryThe alchemist is able to make potions which buff characters, e.g. increasing their attack power, their health, etc. The alchemist works with herbs and planets that they are able to obtain, either through purchasing from the Auction House or gathering through Herbalism.
ArchaelogyGatheringSecondaryA new skill that is introduced in the Cataclysm expansion. The idea behind it is that you can dig and find buried treasure.
BlacksmithCreatingPrimaryA Perfect skill or plate wearers as it enables you to create weapons and clothing for your tank or dps warrior/paladin. You are also able to create clothing enhancements such as the Eternal Belt Buckle and add extra gems to your wrist and hands. The Eternal Belt Bucket will add an additional gem socket to your belt. The EBB is not soulbound and can be traded and transferred to your alts. The main disadvantage with this profession is that to make items, you need to find an anvil. The best accompanying profession for this is mining which will enable you to get the majority of the raw materials needed for your creations.
CookingCreatingSecondaryUseful skill for helping yourself to regain stamina once out of combat. Certain foods can when eaten prove buffs, an example of this is the Fish Feast meal.
EnchanterCreatingPrimaryEnchanter will buff your item of clothing or weapon to make it better. An enchanter may for example increase the amount of stamina that your bracelet gives you or increase the spellpower of your gloves. Enchanting is one of the most sought after skills in the game. Everytime someone gains a better piece of equipment, they'll come looking for an enchanter. An enchanter works by getting items that have been disenchanted from an item in the game. Enchanting can be expensive as you need to buy items to disenchant to get the necessary items to enchant another. A good profession to work with is tailoring, the mats for tailoring are drops in the world and what you make you can disenchant.
EngineeringCreatingPrimaryEngineering is the Hunters best profession as it enables them to make guns, bombs and ammo that a hunter needs. Gnomes get an engineering advantage although they can't be hunters. Engineers are able to make soulbound helicopter mounts and non-soulbound two people carrier motorbike mounts. The best accompanying profession for this is Mining.
First AidCreatingSecondaryThis profession will enable you to make bandages so that once out of combat, you are able to regain health. You are also able to use bandages on other players.
InscriptionCreatingPrimaryIntroduced in the Wrath of the Lich King, Inscription provides an additional buff in the form of scrolls, e.g. Scroll of Agility IV. They also provide Glyph which character use to increase their fighting ability. Not one of the popular skills.
Jewel CraftingCreatingPrimaryIntroduced in the Burning Crusade expansion, this skill enables you to create gems that can be attached to your gear to provide a buff. Gems can be mined, brought or prospected. High level Lich King gems are made by alchemists who can merge stones and eternals together.
LeatherworkerCreatingPrimaryLeatherworking provides clothing for Rogues (Leather), Druids (Leather), Hunters (Mail) and Shaman (Mail). They can also provide armor kits which can add stamina bufs to parts of the armour, e.g. legs and hands.
MinerGatheringPrimaryMining provides for materials needed in JC, Blackmithing and Engineering primarily. Although other professions do need the mats that this profession finds. Mining gives a small toughness stamina buff, the higher your mining skill is.
SkinnerGatheringPrimaryThe Skinner will provide leather for the different professions. It is best used in conjunction with the Leatherworking skill to provides materials for it.
TailorCreatingPrimaryThe materials for this profession are dropped from the mobs on the planets. The main materials for this profession is cloth but you will be expected to obtain other materials when needed. At higher levels, bolts of imbued frostweave are required and to make those, you need infinite dust which can be purchased from the Auction House or can be made if you're also an Enchanter. In the Lich King expansion, the tailor is able to create three different flying carpets, all of which are soulbound on production.

Zosma Compare

Zosma Compare, named after the star in the Zodiac constellation of Leo is a small application that will allow you to compare warcraft characters outside of the game. The output of the comparison can be either a HTML report or a csv file. For more information on the application, you should visit the Zosma Comparer home page. You will need to have .NET 4.0 installed as a minimum, no need for bulking SQL Server databases as all files are stored locally. No limit to the number of characters you can compare. The Icon is freeware from FindIcons.com.

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