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X3, Terran Conflict

X3 - Terran Conflict is a sequel to the long line of games based around the X-Universe. Essentially the X-Universe is our future,which to some might look good but it isn`t given that the Earth has been ravaged by a virus. It is also one of many games thatfollow the Elite style of gameplay. In the 1980`s, there was a game called Elite which essentially was a space trading game. Youfly your craft round space, dock, trade and fight. This is the same sort of thing. Other similar games include Freelancer and theonline game Eve-Online. Unlike in Freelancer, you don`t have the option of walking around, you are firmly seated in your spacecraftall the time, even when trading. planets are out of bounds, you`ll burn up in the atmosphere if you try to get enter orbit.

As you would expect from such a large area, the game has eight distinct races, Humans, Kha`ak, Xenon, The Argon, Boron, Paranid,Split and Teladi. The Kha`ak and the Xenon are both hostile to the other races, they want to conquer and destroy the others. Otherdangers include being attacked by Pirates or being swindled. You may find deserted ships that you can loot.

Depending on your computer capabilities, you can get pictures that you would once expect to see in an episode of X3, Terran Conflict, TheNext Generation on wards. The game requires a powerful computer to get the most out of the game.Gameplay is immediate, you don`t get any movies like you did with earlier versions of the game.

Who you align with dictates where you start in the game. For example, if you want to be a Terran, you start in orbit outsidethe planet Uranus. There you must communicate with the spacestation for where to go. There are different types of missions rangingfrom transport to assassinations to protection. The first thing to do is to sell your missles, you won`t need them to get started.

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