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Azshara is a zone on the continent of Kalimdor which has an environment of Plains . Azshara has quests for players leveled 10-20. The area is controlled by the Horde and should be avoided by the Alliance. Azshara has 0 dungeons and raids resident in this zone.

Azshara is a desolate area that used to be of interest to no one until the Goblins arrived and is now populated by Goblins and their contraptions including roads. In the middle of the zone is an island populated by Goblins.

Apart from the open world Dragon of Nightmare which no longer exists, there are no dungeons or raids located in the zone. Players in their lower levels were sent to the zone to carry out class quests, for example, hunters had to visit the Tower of Eldara. Now, only players need to go there for the Explorer achievement where the player has to find various locations in the zone.

The zone is named after the infamous Queen Azshara, the ancient elven queen who invited the Burning Legion to Azeroth. Queen Azshara was responsible for the splintering of the planet and the creation of the maelstrom in the centre of the planet.

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