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Gilneas Zone in World of Warcraft, copyright Blizard Ent.

Gilneas is a zone on the continent of Eastern Kingdoms in the World of Warcraft game. The zone has a plains environmental feel to it. . Gilneas has quests for players leveled 1-12. The area is not controlled by either faction and has quests for both factions. There are no dungeons or raids located in this zone.

Gilneas is a zone that was cut off from the rest of the world by a large wall. The occupants were humans but where inflicted with a terrible curse that caused them to turn into wolves. Whilst the humans can appear as humans, they must turn into wolves to be able to fight. The humans are referred to as Gilnean and their racial is Worgen.

Unlike the other starting zones such as Elwynn Forest, this zone is sparse and empty. The zone has a nightmarish feel to it, dark and glommy. The only quests here are for when Worgens start their adventures.

The Gilneas quartermaster was located in Darnassus as it was the Night Elves who came to the Worgens help in their hour of need. You would need to carry out the starting quests of a Worgen to find that out.

There are no flight points for the Alliance here on this zone, you'd only really need to visit it once as Alliance to get the exploration achievement, there's nothing else here. Although, the only Alliance quests are the low-level ones, there are quests and a flight point for the Horde.

A the centre of the zone is Gilneas City which is empty, there are none of the N.P.C.s you would expect to find in say Stormwind or Silvermoon.

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