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Hellfire Peninsula

Hellfire Peninsula Zone in World of Warcraft, copyright Blizard Ent.

Hellfire Peninsula is a zone on the continent of Outlands in the World of Warcraft game. The zone has a martian desert environmental feel to it. . Hellfire Peninsula has quests for players leveled 58-63. The area is not controlled by either faction and has quests for both factions. There are 4 dungeons and raids located in this zone.

Before the planet of Draenor was destroyed, the area was known as Tanaan Jungle and was a lush forest. At the centre of the zone was Hellfire Citadel, a large building that the Iron Horde reigned over the zone from.

After Gul'dan began to use Fel power and corrupt the lands, the lush vegetation went and all that was left was rock and desert. The zone doesn't look much different from the surface of Mars except that you can breathe in Hellfire.

Hellfire Peninsula is the first zone traditionally that all players visit when they undertake missions on the Outlands. There are two main settlements in Hellfire, for The Alliance, you have Honor Hold and The Horde have Thrallmar to the north.

The Throne of Kil'jaeden to the north is an elite zone and should be avoided unless you are prepared. Also of note is the Fel Reaver, a giant robot that stomps around the zone. If you get too close to the Fel Reaver, it'll take you. Killing the Fel Reaver was part of a quest line that would give you a key to get into the Shattered Hall dungeon, it is not required now.

List of Hellfire Peninsula Dungeons and Raids

DungeonTypeEnd BossLevelHeroic Level
Hellfire RampartsDungeonNazan59-62Y
The Blood FurnaceDungeonKeli`dan the Breaker58-63Y
The Shattered HallsDungeonWarchief Kargath Bladefist67-75Y
Magtheridon's LairRaidMagtheridon70N

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