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Nazmir Zone in World of Warcraft, copyright Blizard Ent.

Nazmir is a zone on the continent of Zandalar in the World of Warcraft game. . Nazmir has quests for players leveled 110-120. The area is not controlled by either faction and has quests for both factions. There are 2 dungeons and raids located in this zone.

Nazmir is the location of the first raid in Battle For Azeroth, however the location of the raid is not on the map yet.

The area is populated by Blood Trolls, these are unfriendly to everyone. They have red hands and feet with pink torsos. They are primitive and wear very little clothing. The Blood Trolls are nothing like the Blood Elves which are friendly to the Horde.

In addition to the Underrot, the zone will host the first raid of the expansion, Uldir. Uld part of the name signifies a connection to the Old Gods in the same way Ulduar in Northrend does. The raid is where the Titans were experimenting on Old Gods and something naturally has gone wrong forcing you to clean it up.

The most striking thing about the zone is the blood red sun to signify the creepiness and connection to the Blood Trolls.

List of Nazmir Dungeons and Raids

DungeonTypeEnd BossLevelHeroic Level
The UnderrotDungeonUnbound Abomination110-120Y

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