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Storm Peaks

Storm Peaks Zone in World of Warcraft, copyright Blizard Ent.

Storm Peaks is a zone on the continent of Northrend in the World of Warcraft game. The zone has a snow environmental feel to it. . Storm Peaks has quests for players leveled 77-80. The area is not controlled by either faction and has quests for both factions. There are 3 dungeons and raids located in this zone.

Storm Peaks is a mountainous area in Northern Northrend and is difficult to traverse without a flying mount. The Sons of Hodir are active in this zone. It is possible to gain rep with the Sons even though the father will try to kill you in Ulduar.

At the very top of the zone is the Ulduar raid. Ulduar is a prison holding Yogg-Saron, an old god. Yogg-Saron has corrupted the wardens and is making a break for freedom. The player needs to enter the raid and kill Yogg-Saron before it is too late.

On the same rock where the Ulduar raid is is two dungeon, both of which have heroic versions. The dungeons are either side of the Ulduar raid. There are no attunement requests to get into either of the dungeons or the raid.

List of Storm Peaks Dungeons and Raids

DungeonTypeEnd BossLevelHeroic Level
Halls of StoneDungeonSjonnir The Ironshaper74-79Y
Halls of LightningDungeonLoken77-80Y

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