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Suramar Zone in World of Warcraft, copyright Blizard Ent.

Suramar is a zone on the continent of The Broken Isles in the World of Warcraft game. The zone has a canadian wilderness environmental feel to it. . Suramar has quests for players leveled 100+. The area is not controlled by either faction and has quests for both factions. There are 6 dungeons and raids located in this zone.

Suramar is at the centre of the Broken Shores. Although pretty much most of the continent is destroyed, Suramar is left largely undamaged. Near the southern end of the zone is the city of Suramar, a still inhabitable city within the zone. The city doesn't look too disimilar from the Night Elf capital of Darnassus.

The reason for the city still standing is because the Night Elf mages were about to harness the power of the Nightwell, similar to the sunwell in The Sunwell Plateau. The power of the Nightwell kept the City safe for 10,000 years, the Mages believed the outside world was overrun by demons and devestation. Given the name of the well, it comes as no surprise that the city is in perpectual darkness now having become corrupted over the years.

The Night Elves inside the city have evolved now to become known as the Nightborne. Those Nightborne that have broken the laws of the city are punished and sent outside the city. Once outside they have to fend for themselves and end up become malnourished and become extremely thin and become the Nightfallen. As they loose their reliance on felpower, they become even more malnourished and become Withered.

It is the leader of the Nightborne that brought the shield over the island down and have gone into a pact with Gul'dan and welcomed in the Burning Legion. Whether he was tricked or did it willingly is to be seen as you venture onto the continent and ultimately into the city.

Players are invited to the zone on reaching a 100. At the very southern end is Suramar City which contains the two dungeons and a raid. Suramar City contains a large number of dailies for the players to complete to gain Nightborne reputation. The zone has two quest lines to complete that will on completion of Insurrection will award a Nightborne panther mount. At the heart of the city is the Nightwell, the source of the Nightborne's energy. The Nightwell is meant as a compliment to the Sunwell on the Isle of Quel'Danas.

List of Suramar Dungeons and Raids

DungeonTypeEnd BossLevelHeroic Level
Suramar PalaceRaid110Y
Helmouth CliffsDungeon100Y
Suramar CityDungeon100Y
The ArcwayDungeonAdvisor Vandros100Y
Court of StarsDungeonAdvisor Melandrus110Y

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