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AlienA series of horror films that follow humanities encounter with a carnivorous creature with blood for acid and who lays their eyes in humans for gestation.
Alien NationAlien Nation is a series where Aliens have landed and have become part of the fabric of society in Los Angeles. The series follows pair of cops, one a human an
AndromedaAndromeda follows the adventures of Captain Dylan Hunt as he tries to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth after it was destroyed by the Neitzscheans in revenge for
AvengersThe Avengers are the collection of superheroes from Marvel Comics who band together to protect Earth,
Babylon FiveBabylon 5 series is based in and around a spacestation that is the last of its kind. Each series has a running theme.
Battlestar GalacticaSurvivors of the Twelve Colonies attempt to find Earth and avoid the Cylons.
Battlestar Galactica 1980Sequel to the original series where the Battlestar Galactica has now found Earth but it is not technically advanced enough to help the survivors defeat the Cylo
Battlestar Galactica 2003Battlestar Galactica 2003 is a remake of the earlier eighties series of the same name. After an attack by the Cylons on their twelve colonies, a lone Battlesta
Battlestar Galactica CapricaBattlestar Galactica Caprica is a prequel series to the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. The series follows the creation and rise of the Cylons.
BBC AtlantisTelevision series that follows the adventures of Jason who has been set back to the past from the present day. He arrives on the lost continent of Atlantis before it sinks into the ocean. In the first episode, Jason has to deal with the Minotaur, the half man, half bull.
Blood and ChromeBattlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome series is set between Caprica and Battlestar Galactica where the fighting takes places on the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.
BodysnatchersBodysnatchers, with its strong communism undertones, follows people dealing with a threat from an alien force that takes control of people bodies.
BravestarrCartoon following the adventures of Bravestarr, a New Texan Ranger as he fights to maintain law and order in space.
Buck RogersBuck Rogers was an astronaut who got lost in space but returns centuries later to help Earth defeat challenges from outer space.
CamelotCamelot is an adult version of the Old English Arthur legend with all the standard elements included.
Captain Scarlet and the MysteronsCaptain Scarlet is a secret agent brought back to life by aliens, the Mysterons. Scarlets turns against the Mysterons and defends Earth from their plan to dest
Clash of the TitansFilm based on the Perseus Legend of saving the Princess from being eaten by the Kraken, a giant sea monster.
CocoonCocoon is two films in the eighties where aliens arrive on Earth and hide their colleagues in cocoons in a swimming pool frequented by old people.
ConanConan, a hero created by Robert E. Howard is an orphan who rises up against tyrants and eventually becomes a King in his own right.
CrusadeCrusade is a spin-of series to Bablyon 5 where the crew of the Crusader travel into space to find the cure for a disease that is infecting Earth.
Dan DareDan Dare, a hero from the Britsh Comic Eagle is about a man who fights against aliens from Venus that is led by the Mekon.
Dark Matter
DefianceTelevision series and a computer MMO where the Earth has been invaded and colonized by Votans. The series follows Jeb Nolan as he keeps law and order in the ci
Defying GravityDefying Gravity is a story about life onboard a spaceship as it makes its journey through the solar system. Unlike Star Trek, there are no aliens or planets to
Doctor WhoDoctor Who, a timelord who traverses time and space to defeat aliens such as Daleks, Cybermen and the Master amongst others.
DoomBased on the game of the same name, Doom but not ultimately the same theme. In the game, scientists on Mars open portal to hell, unleashing monsters that must
DuneDune is an epic story that follows the struggle between Houses for control of a drug that can only be found on the desert planet Arrakis/Dune.
E.T.E.T., a small alien that gets left behind on Earth who befriends a small boy who tries to get him back to his parents.
Falling SkiesFalling Skies is a series about a group of rag-tag soldiers who call themselves the Second Massachusetts as fight to survive against an alien invasion.
Fantastic FourFantastic Four is originally a comic story of astronauts who return to Earth with fantasitcal powers.
FarscapeJohn Crichton, the astronaut pilot of Farscape One is blasted into space on a new rocket but ends up in another part of the galaxy. In the new area of the gala
FireflyFirefly is about the crew of the firefly class spacecraft Serenity and its adventures in another solar system.
Flash GordonFlash Gordon, an American Footballer fights with allies to prevent an attack on Earth by Ming the Merciless. This is the film version with the Queen theme tune
Flash Gordon 2007Made in 2007, it is an update of the original Flash Gordon, where instead of being blasted into space, Flash is able to visit Mongo via a wormhole.
FuturamaFuturama is a series about a pizza delivery boy who gets accidentally cryogenically frozen to wake up 1000 years later.
Game of ThronesGame of Thones is a series of books and series that tells the epic tale of control of the Iron Throne and control of Westeros Continent..
He-ManHe-man and the Masters of the Universe is an eighties cartoon set on the planet Eternia. The Hero, Prince Adam gains immense power by holding aloft is sword an
Hercules - The Legendary JourneysHercules, Son of Greek God Zeus and a Mortal woman who fights evils that Hera send to destroy him.
Independence DayIndependence Day is a big budget alien movie where the US Air Force take on a threat from alien invaders hellbent on destroying the planet.
IndianaJonesThe archaeologist Indiana Jones goes in search of historical items including those belonging to aliens.
James Bond, 007Ian Flemning`s creation, James Bond has gone from the pages of books such as Dr. No to become the world`s most famous and successful British Secret Agent working for M.I.6.
Judge DreddBritish comic book hero of an American law man who enforces the law along the east coast of America which has now been dubbed MegaCity One.
Jurassic Park/WorldScientists recreate the dinosaurs that were made extinct 65 million years ago and put them on show at a theme park.
Justice LeagueSinestro is a male character from The Green Lantern. She is aligned to the Green Lantern Corps.
Logans RunLogan`s Run was originally a story but then made in a film followed by a television series. The premise is that people live in a domed world and must die at 30
Lord of the RingsLord of the Rings is an epic fantasy adventure of a Hobbit who must destroy a Ring by throwing it in the Mountain of Doom
Lost in SpaceLost in Space is an updated series of Swiss Family Robinson. The family hop from one planet to another in their attempt to return to Earth.
Mad MaxMad Max is a series of films set in the future when oil has near run out and law and order has broken down. Widower Max Rockatansky becomes a loner who travels across Australia helping where he can.
MatrixThe Matrix is a nineties sci-fiction series of films that has humans being used by computers as a power source. The films follows a human battery who is freed
Men in BlackMen in Black is a secretive organisation that manages alien visitors to the Earth. There are three films on the franchise.
MerlinFantasy adventures of Merlin as he protects Arthur with help from a dragon.
OutcastsOutcasts about a group of Colonists on the planet Carpathia.
Pitch BlackPitch Black is the first of a series of films that features Vin Diesel as Richard Riddick, a wanted man who can see in the dark.
Planet of the ApesPlanet of Apes series of films are based on the book by Pierre Boulle about Apes having intelligence and Humans having none. Latter versions, humans were able
PredatorPredators, human hunting aliens face off against Special Forces in the South American jungle then the police in Los Angeles.
Red DwarfComedy about Red Dwarf, a mining ship which contains the last human in the galaxy, a robot, a sexed up evolved cat to human and a hologram of a dead colleague.
RoswellThe series is about aliens who were left on the Earth and they attempt to fit in by attending a Roswell school whilst waiting to be picked up.
Shannara Chronicles
SlidersSliders are people who traverse parallel dimensions through portals. The series is some such explorers searching for their home dimension.
Space 1999Space 1999 is an adventure series of astronauts onboard a moonbase as the moon hurtles through space having been knocked out of Earths gravitational field.
Space Above and BeyondSpace, Above and Beyond is a series about a war between Humans and Chigs. The series Follows the crew of the USS Saratoga.
Space PrecinctSpace Precinct is a cop series with a difference, the adventures are based around the city Demeter on the planet Altor.
SpeciesSpecies is a film about scientists who receive instructions on constructing alien DNA. When the alien breaks free, group of scientists chase it before it can ma
Star Trek - Deep Space NineSpin-off series to the Next Generation, set onboard the Space Station Deep Space Nine near the orbit of Bajor and Cardassia Prime and a Portal to the Gamma Quadrant.
Star Trek - EnterpriseStar Trek - Enterprise was the fourth and so far last series in the Star Trek franchise. The series is set as humans finally reach for the skies and encounter
Star Trek - RebootReboot of the Star Trek franchise, going back to when Kirk has just graduated from the Academy and becomes Captain of the Enterprise.
Star Trek - The Next GenerationStar Trek - The Next Generation is a television sequel to the original sixties series. The Enterprise is now led by Jean-Luc Picard instead of Captain James T.
Star Trek - The Original SeriesTelevision and film series set in the future when humanity has achieved the ability to venture deep into space and meet other lifeforms in the galaxy.
Star Trek - VoyagerStar Trek - Voyager was the third spin off of the Star Trek franchise. The Starship U.S.S. Voyager is kidnapped by a malovent superbeing and dragged to an unex
Star WarsA series of films set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, follows the struggle between the Jedi and the Sith users of the Force.
Star Wars I, II, IIIStar Wars I, II, III are the first in a highly rated epic series of films that mixed sword and scorcery with guns and aliens. Prequel to Episodes IV, V, VI
Star Wars IV, V, VIStar Wars IV, V, VI is a trilogy of films about a rebellion against a dictatorial Emporer who uses the dark side of the Force.
Stargate AtlantisSuperman is an orphan from a planet that blew up and now lives on Earth. Supermans alter ego is Clark Kent who is a newspaper reporter. Superman is indestruct
Stargate SG1Stargate SG1 is a film and television series that followed a group of soldiers as they use portals to travel to other planets to explore, communicate and combat
Stargate UniverseStargate Universe is the second series spin-off of Stargate SG1. The team find themselves on Destiny, an Ancients spaceship heading out of the galaxy.
Starship TroopersStarship Troopers is a series of films that take a swipe at military jingoism as the Earth came under attack from alien bugs.
Strontium DogComic following the adventures of Johnny Alpha, a mutant Strontium Dog as he hunts criminals for bounty.
SupermanSuperman is an orphan from a planet that blew up and now lives on Earth. Supermans alter ego is Clark Kent who is a newspaper reporter. Superman is indestruct
TerrahawksTerrahawks is an eighties puppet show by Gerry Anderson of a group of heroes who fight to protect Earth from Zelda
The FacultyThe Faculty is about a group of students who fight back against an alien invasion. The aliens have taken control of fellow students and their lecturers.
The Green LanternThe Green Lantern is a hero from Earth who is selected to represent Earth in the Green Lantern Corps to protect the Universe.
The InvadersThe Invaders is a sixties television series starring Roy Thinnes as David Vincent who witnesses a UFO landing and tries to alert people of their invasion.
The TerminatorTerminator, robot killing machines from the future are sent back by a computer called Skynet to kill John Connor, the future leader of the Resistance.
The ThingThe Thing is a couple of films based in the Antartic. A Research Station is plagued by a shape shifting alien lifeform that escaped from a Norweigan base nearb
ThundercatsThe Thundercats, a group of cats led by Lion-O on a new Earth after escaping their previous planet and have to deal with Mumm-Ra, the ever-living.
TorchwoodTorchwood, a secret organisation that investigates alien and strange phenomenas in and around Cardiff.
Total RecallTotal Recall is a film adapation of a Philip K. Dicks `We Can Remember It for You Wholesale`. It was first produced as a film in the eighties then a 2012 remak
Transformers, Robots in DisguiseTransformers, Robots in Disguise was first a cartoon and toy series about robot factions from Cybertron who bring their battle to Earth.
TripodsAliens who move around the planet in giant Tripods have have returned humanity to the Middle Ages.
U.F.O.Gerry Anderson British series about an elite group of heros fighting to protect Earth against an alien invasion of U.F.O.s.
Ulysses 31Ulysses 31 is a cartoon based on the Greek Mythology story of Ulysses who was punished by the Gods.
VV tells the story of contact with an alien race of human who don`t turn out to be human after all. The aliens are lizards bent on colonising the planet and tur
V ( 2010 )Remake of the original V science fiction where much of the original story e.g. human eating and facism is sidelined.
War of the WorldsWar of the Worlds was written as a contemporary story of aliens from Mars attacking Earth before they are succumbed to infection and die.
X-Files, TheThe X-Files are a successful and long running television series following two FBI Agents who investigate strange phenomenas including alien abduction and visita
Xena, Warrior PrincessCompanion series to Hercules where the main character is the Xena, Warrior Princess who is helped by Gabrielle.

Standalone Films

After EarthAlien AutopsyApollo 13Armageddon
AsteroidAttack the BlockAvatarBattle: Los Angeles
BattleshipBlade RunnerCowboys and AliensDemolition Man
Enemy MineGuardians of the GalaxyJason XJohn Carter
Jupiter AscendingKnowingKrullMars Attacks
SignsSpace CowboysSunshineThe Dark Crystal
The FacultyValerian and the City of a Thousand PlanetsWaterworldWing Commander