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Alpha Aurigids Meteor Shower

When and where does the Alpha Aurigids Meteor Shower Occur

The Alpha Aurigids  meteor shower takes place within the boundaries constellation of Auriga. The meteor shower occurs between Aug 25-Sept 6 with the peak occurring on the Sept. 1/2 every year.

Even though the name is Alpha Aurigids, the nearest star to the radiant point is Theta constellation">Aurigae. It tracks a path to the north of Mahasim. For those in the southern hemisphere, reverse the view, i.e. look down not up.

How to Find and View the Alpha Aurigids

Northern Hemisphere

The meteor shower isn't visible until late at night, we're talking about 11 p.m. in a north easterly direction. Over the course of the night, the radiant point will rise higher into the sky.

Southern Hemisphere

The Alpha Aurigids can be seen from about 3-4 o'clock in the morning near the horizon. You will only have about an hours worth of viewing time due to the sun making an appearance and blocking out the meteors.

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Alpha Aurigids Meteor Shower Facts

Closest Star to Radiant PointMahasim
Peak Activity DateSept. 1/2
Activity PeriodAug 25-Sept 6

Location of the Radiant Point for the Alpha Aurigids Meteor Shower

Map showing the location of where the Alpha Aurigids radiate from within Auriga

The image showing the location of Alpha Aurigids was generated using the free application Stellarium.

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RiyaSunday, 25th August 2019 12:44:31 AM
Where can I see alpha aurigids meteor shower in or around Delhi or Pune? Which dates are the best for 2019?
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