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North Omega Scorpiids Meteor Shower

The North Omega Scorpiids meteor shower takes place within the boundaries constellation of Scorpius. The meteor showers occurs between 23 May- 15 Jun with the peak occuring on the 31-May every year.

The closest star to the radiant point of the meteor shower is Omega1 Scorpii. The coordinates can also be determined by the Right Ascension (17) and the Declination (-15).

The Zenith Hourly Rate or how many you expect to see during the hour is 5. The ZHR can radically increase if the comet or associated object is close by. The speed/velocity of the Meteor Shower particles is 23 km/s.

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North Omega Scorpiids Meteor Shower Facts

Closest Star to Radiant PointOmega1 Scorpii
Max Activity Date31 May
Activity Period23 May- 15 Jun
Right Ascension17
Zenith Hourly Rate5

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