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Omega Cetids Meteor Shower

When and where does the Omega Cetids Meteor Shower Occur

The Omega Cetids  meteor shower takes place within the boundaries constellation of Cetus. The meteor shower occurs between 5 May- 9 Jun with the peak occurring on the 07-May every year.

The coordinates can also be determined by the Right Ascension (1) and the Declination (-7).

Zenith Hourly Rate

The Zenith Hourly Rate or how many you expect to see during the hour is 8. The ZHR can radically increase if the comet or associated object is close by. The speed/velocity of the Meteor Shower particles is 38 km/s.

Omega Cetids are an obscure, small meteor shower. There is not much available information on the internet regarding the Omega Cetids. What has been determined is that there are two meteor showers, Southern Daytime Omega Cetids and you've guessed it, Northern equivalent. Given they're daytime, you'll find it hard to see them.

The name of the Meteor Shower would indicate that the radiant point, i.e. the point that the meteors would be appearing from would be Omega Ceti. However it is hard to locate that star within the constellation. According to Fandom, the star that best corresponds to the star is HD 16008

How and When to see the Omega Cetids

The star HD 16008 appears just below the Sun so its going to be hard to spot the meteors with the sun in your eyes. It doesn't make an appearance until before 9 a.m. (7th May) and whilst it stays until 4 p.m., it tracks the Sun and is therefore not going to be visible. The meteor shower is for die-hards with specialist equipment.

Those in the southern hemisphere should have a better chance at seeing the meteor shower. Look into the east, where the Sun will appear from. The star HD 16008 will rise from there, unlike the northern hemisphere, the Star will above the Sun but the sheer brightness of the Sun may well prevent a good showing of the meteors.

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Omega Cetids Meteor Shower Facts

Peak Activity Date07-May
Activity Period5 May- 9 Jun
Right Ascension1
Zenith Hourly Rate8

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