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Zeta Aurigids Meteor Shower

When and where does the Zeta Aurigids Meteor Shower Occur

The Zeta Aurigids  meteor shower takes place within the boundaries constellation of Auriga. The meteor shower occurs between 11-Dec - 21 Jan with the peak occurring on the 31-Jan every year.

The closest star to the radiant point of the meteor shower is Saclateni.

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Zeta Aurigids Meteor Shower Facts

Closest Star to Radiant PointSaclateni
Peak Activity Date31-Jan
Activity Period11-Dec - 21 Jan

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David SeargentWednesday, 26th April 2017 6:15:36 AM
The Zeta Aurigid meteor shower may be associated with near-Earth asteroid 2008 YG30. The orbits of the meteors derived from the 1961 - 1965 radar observations and those from the 1968 - 1969 observations were compared with the asteroid's orbit using the Drummond D' criterion (values less than 0.105 being considered indicative of association)and found to be 0.098 and 0.026 respectively. Association should also give rather similar values of latitude and longitude of perihelion (B and L). The values are; 2008 YG30, B = -5.71, L = 151.9 1961/5 ZA values, B = -5.5, L = 155.5 1968/9 ZA values, B = -7.3, L = 154.9 These are impressively close. Even more interesting is a possible association with the Taggish Lake meteorite. The orbit of this yields D' values of 0.076 with 2008 YG30, 0.063 with the 1961/5 ZA orbit and 0.079 with 1968/9 ZA orbit. The latitude and longitude of perihelion for Taggish Lake comes out at B = -0.94 and L = 159; still in the general ballpark.
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