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Apollo was the name given to the missions by N.A.S.A. to get a man on the moon. The first missions ( 7 - 10 ) didn't actually set a man on the moon, they were dry runs. The first mission toland on the moon was 11 by Neil A. Armstrong. Apollo 13 had to be aborted due to a problem with the oxygen tank. If you want to know more about this, watch the film 'Apollo 13' starringTom Hanks cast as James Lovell. Since Apollo 17, there has been no attempt to get to the moon as we've been there, there done that. In 2004, President George W. Bush set out a vision to get man back on the moon by 2020 with the longer term plan of getting to Mars. The plans have either been silently dropped since then or are making slow progress.

Apollo Flight Missions

Mission Number7
CaptainWalter M. Schirra Jr.
CrewDonn F. Eisele, R. Walter Cunningham
Flight DateOctober 11th 1968
Duration10 days, 20 hours
Mission Number8
CaptainFrank Borman
CrewJames A. Lovell Jr., William A. Anders
Flight DateDecember 21st 1968
Duration6 days, 3 hours
Mission Number9
CaptainJames A. McDivitt
CrewDavid R. Scott, Russell L. Schweickart
Flight DateMarch 3rd, 1969
Duration10 days, 1 hour
Mission Number10
CaptainThomas P. Stafford
CrewJohn W. Young, Eugene A. Cerman
Flight DateMay 18th, 1969
Duration8 days, 3 minutes
Mission Number11
CaptainNeil A. Armstrong
CrewMichael Collins, Edwin -Buzz- Aldrin
Flight DateJuly 16th, 1969
Duration8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes
Mission Number12
CaptainCharles Conrad Jr,
CrewRichard F. Gordon, Alan L. Bean
Flight DateNovember 14th, 1969
Duration10 days, 4 hours, 36 minutes
Mission Number13
CaptainJames A. Lovell Jr.
CrewJohn L. Swigert Jr., Fred W. Haise Jr.
Flight DateApril 11th, 1970
Duration5 days, 22.9 hours
Mission Number14
CaptainAlan B. Shepard Jr.
CrewStuart A. Roosa, Edgar D. Mitchell
Flight DateJanuary 31st, 1971
Duration9 days
Mission Number15
CaptainDavid R. Scott
CrewAlfred M. Worden, James B. Irwin
Flight DateJuly 26th, 1971
Duration12 days, 17 hours, 12 minutes
Mission Number16
CaptainJohn W. Young
CrewThomas K. Mattingly II, Charles M. Duke Jr.
Flight DateApril 16th, 1972
Duration11days, 1 hour, 51 minutes
Mission Number17
CaptainEugene A. Cerman
CrewRonald E. Evans, Harrison H. Schmitt
Flight DateDecember 7th, 1972
Duration12 days, 13 hours, 52 minutes

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What dose the space craft look like.
look this is not real you just think it is becuase you are retated
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Russians is the fist who reach the stars
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