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Where Mercury had been solely to get a man into space and return him, Gemini missions were aimed at getting two men into space for a longer period of time. These missions would be the stepping stone for ultimately putting a man on the moon. The Gemini craft would, it hoped dock with another craft in anticipation of further space travel. The craft that took Armstrong to the moon was in two parts, one that stayed in orbit, the other landed. If Gemini couldn't suceed in two parts joining up in space, there would have difficulty in getting American astronauts back from the moon. The third mission task for Gemini was to land safely on a firm surface whereas the Mercury missions had landed in the Ocean and the astronauts retrieved by the Navy. The landing on firm surface was abandoned in 1964, I haven't been able to find the reason why but I suspect it was cost or time restraints. Missions were two men as opposed to the one man Mercury mission hence the name Gemini after the constellation of the twins.

Gemini Flight Missions

Mission NameGemini I
Flight DateApril 12th, 1964
Duration4 Days
Mission NameGemini II
Flight DateJanuary 19th, 1965
Duration18 mins, 16 seconds
Mission Number3
CaptainVirgil I. Grissom
CrewJohn W. Young
Flight DateMarch 23rd, 1965
Duration4 hours, 52 mins, 13 seconds
Mission NameGemini IV
CaptainJames A. McDivitt
CrewEdward H. White
Flight DateJune 3, 1965
Duration4 Days, 1 hour, 56 min, 12 seconds
Mission NameGemini V
CaptainC. Gordon Cooper
CrewCharles Conrad, Jr
Flight DateAugust 21, 1965
Duration7 Days, 22 hours, 55 min, 14 seconds
Mission NameGemini VI
CaptainWalter M. Schirra Jr.
CrewThomas P. Stafford
Flight DateDecember 16, 1965
Duration1 Day, 1 hour, 51 min, 24 seconds
Mission NameGemini VII
CaptainFrank Borman
CrewJames A. Lovell
Flight DateDecember 18, 1965
Duration13 Days, 18 hours, 35 min, 1 seconds
Mission NameGemini VIII
CaptainNeil A. Armstrong
CrewDavid R. Scott
Flight DateMarch 17, 1966
Duration0 Days, 10 hours, 41 min, 26 seconds
Mission NameGemini IX
CaptainThomas P. Stafford
CrewEugene A. Cernan
Flight DateJune 6, 1966
Duration3 Days, 0 hours, 20 min, 50 seconds
Mission NameGemini X
CaptainJohn W. Young
CrewMichael Collins
Flight DateJuly 18, 1966
Duration2 days 22 hours 46 min 39 seconds
Mission NameGemini XI
CaptainCharles Conrad Jr.
CrewRichard F. Gordon Jr.
Flight DateSeptember 12, 1966
Duration2 Days 23 hours 17 min 8 seconds
Mission NameGemini XII
CaptainJames A. Lovell Jr.
CrewEdwin E. Aldrin
Flight DateNov 11, 1966
Duration3 Days, 22 hours, 34 min, 31 seconds

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