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Mercury was the first attempt by the United States to put a man into space. It was named after the first and nearest planet to the Sun. N.A.S.A.'s goal was to put a man into space, investigates the effects of a man in space then to return him back down to Earth safely. In those days, it was a competition between U.S. and Russia to get into space, it wasn't a matter of how many people were sent into space, which is why one man went up and it reduced costs. The creators of the Thunderbirds television dedicated each of the pilot characters to the Mercury pilots with the exception of Walter.

Mercury Flight Missions

Mission Number3
CaptainAlan B. Shepard, Jr
Flight DateMay 5, 1961
Duration0 Days, 0 hours, 15 min, 28 seconds
Mission Number4
CaptainVirgil I "Gus" Grissom
Flight DateJuly 21, 1961
Duration0 Days, 0 hours, 15 min, 37 seconds
Mission Number6
CaptainJohn H. Glenn, Jr.
Flight DateFebruary 20, 1962
Duration0 Days, 4 hours, 55 min, 23 seconds
Mission Number7
CaptainM. Scott Carpenter
Flight DateMay 24, 1962
Duration0 Days, 4 hours, 56 min, 5 seconds
Mission Number8
CaptainWalter M. Schirra, Jr.
Flight DateOctober 3, 1962
Duration0 Days, 9 hours, 13 min, 11 seconds
Mission Number9
CaptainL. Gordon Cooper
Flight DateMay 15, 1963
Duration1 Day, 10 hours, 19 min, 49 seconds

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