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Soyuz has become the spacecraft of choice for Russia after the closure of it Vostok and Voskhod craft programme. It is still the module that the Russian Space Agency use today, to ferry astronauts and cosmonauts to the International Space Station.

Soyuz Flight Missions

Mission Number1
CaptainVladimir M. Komarov
Flight DateApril 23, 1967
Mission Number3
CaptainGeorgii T. Beregovoi
Flight DateOctober 26, 1968
Mission Number4
CaptainVladimir A. Shatalov
Flight DateJanuary 14, 1969
Mission Number5
CaptainBoris V. Volynov
CrewAleksei S. Yeliseyev, Yevgeni V. Khrunov
Flight DateJanuary 15, 1969
Mission Number6
CaptainGeorgi S. Shonin
CrewValerii N. Kubasov
Flight DateOctober 11, 1969
Mission Number7
CaptainAnatoli V. Filipchenko
CrewVladislav N. Volkov, Viktor V. Gorbatko
Flight DateOctober 12, 1969
Mission Number8
CaptainVladimir A. Shatalov
CrewAleksei S. Yeliseyev
Flight DateOctober 12, 1969
Mission Number9
CaptainAndrian G. Nikolayev
CrewVitali I. Sevastyanov
Flight DateJune 1, 1970
Mission Number10
CaptainVladimir A. Shatalov
CrewAlexei S. Yeliseyev, Nikolai N. Rukavishnikov
Flight DateApril 22, 1971
Mission Number11
CaptainGeorgi T. Dobrovolsky
CrewVladislav N. Volkov, Viktor I. Patsayev
Flight DateJune 6, 1971
Duration24 days
Mission Number12
CaptainVasily G. Lazarev
CrewOleg G. Makarov
Flight DateSeptember 27, 1973
Mission Number13
CaptainPyotr I. Klimuk
CrewValentin V. Lebedev
Flight DateDecember 18, 1973
Mission Number14
CaptainPavel R. Popvich
CrewYuri P. Artyukhin
Flight DateJuly 3, 1974
Duration15 days
Mission Number15
CaptainGennady V. Sarafanov
CrewLev S. Demin
Flight DateAugust 26, 1974
Mission Number16
CaptainAnatoli V. Filipchenko
CrewNikolai N. Rukavishnikov
Flight DateDecember 2, 1974
Mission Number17
CaptainAlexei A. Gubarev
CrewGeorgi M. Grechko
Flight DateJanuary 10, 1975
Duration29 days
Mission NameSoyuz 18-1
CaptainPyotr I. Klimuk
CrewVitaly I. Sevastyanov
Flight DateMay 28, 1975
Mission Number18
CaptainVasily G. Lazarev
CrewOleg G. Makarov
Flight DateApril 5, 1975
Duration63 days
Mission Number20
Flight DateNovember 17, 1975
Mission Number21
CaptainBoris V. Volynov
CrewVitaly M. Zholobov
Flight DateJuly 6, 1976
Duration49 days
Mission Number22
CaptainValery F. Bykovsky
CrewVladimir V. Aksyonov
Flight DateSeptember 15, 1976
Mission Number23
CaptainVyacheslav D. Zudov
CrewValery I. Rozdestvensky
Flight DateOctober 14, 1976
Mission Number24
CaptainViktor V. Gorbatko
CrewYuri N. Glazkov
Flight DateFebruary 7, 1977
Duration18 days
Mission Number25
CaptainVladimir V. Kovalyonok
CrewValery V. Ryumin
Flight DateOctober 9, 1977
Duration2 days
Mission Number26
CaptainYuri V. Romanenko,
CrewGeorgi M. Grechko
Flight DateDecember 10, 1977
Duration96 days, 10 hours
Mission Number27
CaptainVladimir A. Dzhanibekov
CrewOleg G. Makarov
Flight DateJanuary 10, 1978
Duration64 days, 22 hours
Mission Number28
CaptainAlexei N. Gubarev
CrewVladimir Remek ( Czechoslovakia )
Flight DateMarch 2, 1978
Duration7 days, 22 hours
Mission Number29
CaptainVladimir V. Kovalyonok
CrewAlexander S. Ivanchenov
Flight DateJune 15, 1978
Duration139 days, 14 hours
Mission Number30
CaptainPyotr I. Klimuk
CrewMiroslav Hermaszewski ( Poland )
Flight DateJune 27, 1978
Duration7 days, 22 hours
Mission Number31
CaptainValery F. Bykovsky
CrewSigmund Jähn ( East Germany )
Flight DateAugust 26, 1978
Duration67 days, 20 hours
Mission Number32
CaptainVladimir A. Lyakhov
CrewValery V. Ryumin
Flight DateFebruary 25, 1979
Duration108 days, 4 hours
Mission Number33
CaptainNikolai N. Rukavishnikov,
CrewGeorgi Ivanov ( Bulgaria )
Flight DateApril 10, 1979
Duration1 day, 23 hours
Mission Number34
CaptainUnmanned, sent to recover Soyuz 32 Crew
Flight DateJune 6, 1979
Duration7 days, 18 hours
Mission Number35
CaptainLeonid I. Popov
CrewValery V. Ryumin
Flight DateApril 9, 1980
Duration55 days, 1 hour
Mission Number36
CaptainValery N. Kubasov
CrewBertalan Farkas ( Hungary )
Flight DateMay 26, 1980
Duration65 days, 20 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-2
CaptainYuri V. Malyshev
CrewVladimir V. Aksyonov
Flight DateJune 5, 1980
Duration3 days, 22 hours
Mission Number37
CaptainViktor V. Gorbatko
CrewPham Tuan ( Vietnam )
Flight DateJune 23, 1980
Duration79 days, 15 hours
Mission Number38
CaptainYuri V. Romanenko
CrewArnaldo Tamayo-Mendez ( Cuba )
Flight DateSeptember 18, 1980
Duration 7 days, 20 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-3
CaptainLeonid D. Kizim
CrewOleg G. Makarov, Gennady M. Strekalov
Flight DateNovember 27, 1980
Duration12 days, 9 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-4
CaptainVladimir V. Kovalyonok
CrewViktor P. Savinykh
Flight DateMarch 12, 1981
Duration74 days, 18 hours
Mission Number39
CaptainVladimir A. Dzhanibekov
CrewJugderdemidiyn Gurragcha ( Mongolia )
Flight DateMarch 22, 1981
Duration7 days, 20 hours
Mission Number40
CaptainLeonid I. Popov
CrewDumitru Prunariu ( Romania )
Flight DateMay 14, 1981
Duration7 days, 20 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-5
CaptainAnatoly N. Berezovoi
CrewValentin V. Lebedev
Flight DateMay 13, 1982
Duration211 days, 9 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-6
CaptainVladimir A. Dzhanibekov
CrewAlexander S. Ivanchenkov, Jean Loup Chretien ( France )
Flight DateJune 24, 1982
Duration7 days, 21 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-7
CaptainLeonid I. Popov
CrewAlexander A. Serebov, Svetlana Y. Savitskaya
Flight DateAugust 19, 1982
Duration113 days, 1 hour
Mission NameSoyuz T-8
CaptainVladimir G. Titov
CrewGennady M. Strekalov, Alexander A. Serebov
Flight DateApril 20, 1983
Duration2 days, 0 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-9
CaptainVladimir A. Lyakhov
CrewAlexander P. Alexandrov
Flight DateJune 27, 1983
Duration149 days, 10 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-10-1
CaptainVladimir G. Titov
CrewGennady M. Stekalov
Flight DateSeptember 26, 1983
Duration5 minutes, 30 seconds
Mission NameSoyuz T-10
CaptainLeonid D. Kizim
CrewVladimir A. Solovyov, Oleg Y. Atkov
Flight DateFebruary 8, 1984
Duration62 days, 22 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-11
CaptainYuri V. Malyshev
CrewGennady M. Strekalov, Rakesh Sharma ( India )
Flight DateApril 3, 1984
Duration181 days, 21 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-12
CaptainVladimir A. Dzhanibekov
CrewSveltana Y. Savitskaya, Igor P. Volk
Flight DateJuly 17, 1984
Duration11 days, 19 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-13
CaptainVladimir A. Dzhanibekov
CrewViktor P. Savinykh
Flight DateJune 6, 1985
Duration112 days, 3 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-14
CaptainVladimir V. Vasyutin
CrewGeorgi M. Grechko, Alexander A. Volkov
Flight DateSeptember 17, 1985
Duration64 days, 21 hours
Mission NameSoyuz T-15
CaptainLeonid D. Kizim
CrewVladimir a. Solovyov
Flight DateMay 13, 1986
Mission NameSoyuz TM-2
CaptainYuri V. Romanenko
CrewAlexander I. Leveykin
Flight DateFebruary 5, 1987
Mission NameSoyuz TM-3
CaptainAlexander S. Viktorenko
CrewAlexander P. Alexandrov, M.A. Faris
Flight DateJuly 22, 1987
Mission NameSoyuz TM-4
CaptainVladimir G. Titov
CrewMusa K. Manarov, Antoli S. Levchenko
Flight DateDevember 21, 1987
Mission NameSoyuz TM-5
CaptainAntoli Y. Solovyov
CrewViktor P. Savinykh, Alexander P. Alexandrov
Flight DateJune 7, 1988
Mission NameSoyuz TM-6
CaptainVladimir A. Lyakhov
CrewValeri Poliakov, M. D.G. Masum
Flight DateAugust 29,1988
Mission NameSoyuz TM-7
CaptainAlexander A. Volkov
CrewSergei K. Kirkalev, Jean-Loup Chretien ( France )
Flight DateNovember 21, 1988
Mission NameSoyuz TM-8
CaptainAlexander Viktoenko
CrewAlexander Serebrov
Flight DateSeptember 6, 1988
Mission NameSoyuz TM-9
CaptainAnatoly Solovyev
CrewAlexander Banadin
Flight DateFebruary 11, 1990
Mission NameSoyuz TM-10
CaptainGennady Manakov
CrewGennady Strekalov
Flight DateAugust 1, 1990
Mission NameSoyuz TM-11
CaptainViktor Afanasyev
CrewMusa Manarov, Toyohiro Akiyama
Flight DateDecember 2, 1990
Mission NameSoyuz TM-12
CaptainAnatoly Artsebarsky
CrewSergei K. Kirkalev, Helen Sharman ( U.K. )
Flight DateMay 18, 1991
Mission NameSoyuz TM-13
CaptainAlexander Volkov
CrewToktar Aubakirov, Franz Viehboeck
Flight DateOctober 2, 1991
Mission NameSoyuz TM-14
CaptainAlexander Viktorenko
CrewAlexander Kaleri, Klaus-Dietrich Flade
Flight DateMarch 17, 19992
Mission NameSoyuz TM-15
CaptainAnatoly Solovyev
CrewSergei Avdeyev, Michel Tognini
Flight DateJuly 27,1992
Mission NameSoyuz TM-16
CaptainGennady Manakov
CrewAlexander Polishchuk
Flight DateJanuary 24, 1993
Mission NameSoyuz TM-17
CaptainAlexander Serebov
CrewJean-Pierre Haignere
Flight DateJuly 1, 1993

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