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The Russian attempt at gaining the upper hand with the American was a failure which is why it only lasted two missions. It was their attempt to beat America to putting two men simultaneously in space. Their plan had been to alter the Vostok craft by taking a few things out and making room for the second person. One of the things that they did was to remove a parachute safety which proved to be a disasterous move. On the second mission, the first attempted spacewalk was carried out but problems arose as he attempted to get back inside. Once inside they return to Earth, a little off course to where they meant to have originally landed but they both survived.

Voskhod Flight Missions

Mission NameVoskhod 1
CaptainVladimir M. Komarov
CrewKonstanin P. Feoktistov, Boris B. Yegorov
Flight DateOctober 12, 1964
Mission NameVoskhod 2
CaptainPavel I. Belyayev
CrewAlexei A. Leonov
Flight DateMarch 18, 1965

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