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Cone Nebula (NGC2264)

Cone Nebula is a dark nebula object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 2.700 light years away in the constellation of Monoceros. It is also referred to as NGC(2264) in the New General Catalogue. This is a list of deep space objects that was compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer in 1888 in an update to John Herschel earlier catalogue. Cone Nebula was discovered in 1785 by Sir William Herschel. The Dark Nebula's location is 06:41.15 (R.A.) and +09:21 (Dec.). .

The Cone nebula (NGC2264) is a Dark Nebula that was discovered by Sir William Herschel, a German born British astronomer. In addition to discovering the Cone Nebula, he was creditted with finding the planet Uranus, the first planet since ancient times.

Fact File

NameCone Nebula
TypeDark Nebula
NGC Id2264
Right Ascension06:41.15
Distance (Lt.Yr)2.700
Year of Discovery1785
DiscovererSir William Herschel
CoprightN.A.S.A, Hubble Site

Cone Nebula (NGC2264) Dark Nebula in Monoceros

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