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Witch Head Nebula (NGC1909)

Witch Head Nebula (NGC1909) Reflection Nebula in Eridanus

Witch Head Nebula (NGC1909) is a reflection nebula object of interest in space. It lies at a distance of 1000 light years away in the constellation of Eridanus.

It is also referred to as NGC(1909) in the New General Catalogue. This is a list of deep space objects that was compiled by John Louis Emil Dreyer in 1888 in an update to John Herschel earlier catalogue.

The Reflection Nebula's location is 05:02:00 (R.A.) and -7:54 (Dec.). .

Although situated in the Eridanus constellation, the map below shows the Orion constellation because the Witch Head is located near to Rigel which lights up the nebula. Also the constellation of Orion is much easier to recognise. There is also a Wizard Nebula located in the constellation of Cepheus.

Witch Head Nebula featured in Andromeda where there was a battle between the High Guard and the Nietzscheans. The High Guard lost the battle.

Fact File

NameWitch Head Nebula (NGC1909)
TypeReflection Nebula
NGC Id1909
Right Ascension05:02:00
Distance (Lt.Yr)1000
Apparent Dimension13

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