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Edward Fryers

Edward Fryers from Arrow

During the first series, we follow Oliver Queen as he struggles to survive on an island that he has ended up after being shipwrecked. Oliver is befriended by Yao Fei ( played by Byron Mann) who teaches Oliver to survive on the island and how to use a bow and arrow to kill and survive. Ultimately, Yao Fei will betray Oliver to Edward Fryers, a British mercenary on the island who is being paid by a mysterious woman to start a war.

Whose side Yao Fei is on switches from episode to episode, sometime Yao will help, other times hinder. Yao sets up a meeting between Oliver and Slade Wilson (played by Manu Bennett), an Australian assassin who wears a two coloured mask split down the middle. Slade and Oliver would work together to survive on the island and prevent Edward Fryers from blowing up an airliner.

Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm Merlyn from Arrow played by John Barrowman

Merlyn is supposed to be the historical British legend, King Arthur who is now a wealthy industrialist in Starling City. Merlyn's son, Tommy Merlyn is Oliver Queen's best friend and love rival for Laurel Lance. Merlyn's wife Rebecca died in the Glades area of Starling City and he wanted to exact revenge on the people of the glades by levelling it with an artificially created Earthquake. Oliver Queen worked with Quentin Lance to prevent the device from going off. Unbeknown to Oliver, Merlyn had a back-up plan of a second device which levelled some of the city.

The Arrow would thwart Malcolm during the series and to get his own back, Malcolm became a rival archer. The aim of being the rival archer was to discredit the real Arrow. Malcolm had enough skill and speed to catch the Arrow's arrow.

Although Malcolm was defeated at the end of the first series, he would carry on being a thawn in the side of the Arrows and the Legends of Tomorrow team. Malcolm appears through out later episodes, supposedly helping Team Arrow but actually helping the primary antagonist.

Slade Wilson / Deathstroke

Deathstroke played by Manu Bennet from Arrow

In the first series, Oliver is helped and trained by Slade Wilson, a member of the Australian Special Air Service to survive on Lian Yu island. In the second series, Slade Wilson becomes the series main antagonist as he returns to Oliver's life. Oliver failed to save Shado, a woman who Deathstroke cared very much for, instead, Oliver saved Sara Lance, a woman who Oliver knew before the Island.

Slade sets about destroying the Queen Consolidated by getting Isabel Rochov, an industralist to take over Queen Consolidated. Isabel Rochev manages to take complete control of Queen Consolidated, leaving Oliver with nothing. Slade's revenge also involves killing Moira Queen.

Slade would eventually be captured and imprisoned in an underground A.R.G.U.S. prison but would later escape. Slade would make brief appearances through the series, either as an antagonist or as a helper.

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller

Amanda Waller is in charge of A.R.G.U.S., a special forces outfit that is not above using criminals such as Deadshot to deal with impossible operations. A.R.G.U.S. is roughly equivalent to equivalent to S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel Universe.

In the third series, she gets Oliver Queen to carry out operations on her behalf in Hong Kong. Ultimately, she gets Oliver Queen to prevent the release of a virus that could kill thousands. It was Waller who hired Edward Freyer to blow up a plane to prevent a criminal from reaching the mainland.

Usually in the D.C. Comics universe, Amanda Waller is protrayed as an older woman and one who is more overweight than the one in the Arrowverse. In the Suicide Squad film, Amanda Waller is played by Viola Davis.

Ra's Al-Ghul

Ra's Al-Ghul from Arrow

Although seen mainly as an antagonist as Batman, Ra's Al-Ghul turns up to be the third series Antagonist. Ra wants Oliver Queen to be his successor even though Oliver doesn't particularly want to be. Ra goes to ever increasing attempts to persuade Oliver to become the new Ra's Al-Ghul. Oliver pretends to accept the role but it is just a guise in order to defeat Ra's Al-Ghul.

Ra is hundreds of years old, he is being kept alive by the Lazarus Pit, a bath with liquid that can heal and bring people back to life. The Lazarus Pit is used to bring both Thea Queen and Sara Lance back from the dead. When the two women are brought back from the dead, they have an urge to kill, a bloodlust. Sara Lance is cured of the bloodlust by an exorcism by John Constantine. Thea's bloodlust disipates over time.

Ra has two daughters, Talia Al-Ghual and Nyssa Al-Ghul. Nyssa wants the throne but her father denies it to her, opting to give to Oliver. Nyssa wants to do anything she can to get the throne. Nyssa has a romance with Sara Lance. Whilst Nyssa sometimes help Oliver, Talia who turns up in the fifth series is an antagonist, opting to thwart Oliver when she can. It is Talia who teaches Oliver to fight.

Damian Darhk

Damian Darhk from Arrow played by Neal McDonough

Damian Darhk has the look and seemingly respectability of a businessman but its far from the truth. Damian is a powerful sorcerer who has an army of soldiers nicknamed ghosts to do his bidding. Damian draws his powers from a totem that enables him to kill, move and suck the life force from people. Damian wants to kill everyone on the planet and reshape it.

Damian has a wife and child but that's called into question. In the Arrow series, Damian's daughter is a child, in the Legends, the daughter has grown up and then travelled back in time to revive her father. Damian corrupts Quentin Lance into help him, eventually Quentin confesses to a judge that he help Damian in order to send Damian down.

During a confrontation between Damian and Team Arrow, Laurel Lance is stabbed and dies. Laurel from another universe turns up to causes murder and mayhem in the prime universe.

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