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List of Flash Enemies (Incomplete) - Justice League

Eobarde Thawne / Reverse Flash

Eobarde Thawne

In the series, Barry Allen is helped by Harrison Wells, manager at S.T.A.R. Labs who moves round in an electric wheelchair. Unknown to the rest of the group at S.T.A.R. Labs, Harrison is able to walk unaided. The rest of the people in the team eventually begin to suspect that Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash, the person who is responsible for Barry's mother's murder and they are proved right.

Eobard Thawne was a criminal from the future came back to our present killed the real Harrison Wells and takes his place. Eobard helped Barry to improve in the hope that Barry would be able to create a portal that would allow Eobard to return to his own time. Reverse-Flash wears a yellow form of the outfit that Flash wears.

Reverse-Flash/Harrison Wells is killed off when Iris' boyfriend commits suicide to prevent Eobard Thawne being born in the future. This creates a time pardox which The Flash works to resolve. In season 2, Harrison Wells from an alternate universe turns up to help Barry Allen and the rest of the group. After some scepticism, they accept his help. Harrison Well's daughter Jessie is being held captive by Zoom and wants the Flash's help to release her. The Flash travels to Earth-2 in the second series and helps rescue Jessie from Zoom. At the end of the series, Jessie persuades her father to go back to Earth-2 which he agrees to. It remains to be seen whether Harrison Wells returns to continue to help Flash.

Hunter Zolomon / Zoom

Hunter Zolomon in Zoom Mask

In addition to Reverse-Flash, The Flash has also come up against another speedster known as Zoom. Zoom is a criminal from Earth-2 who wants to be the fastest person not only in his dimensional universe but in every universe.

Hunter plans to wipe out the other universes using a Magnetar, a powerful device. Earth-1, our Earth is the centre of the multiverse and by radiating a beam from Earth-1 will Zoom hope to destroy all the other Earths leaving Earth-1 alone.

Hunter first appears without his mask at the beginning of the series having made the jump through the multiverse. Hunter has come to ask Flash and the team for help and Star Labs doesn't suspect a thing.



In the third series of the Flash, Barry Allen came up against a speedster called Savitar. The Flash travelled into the future and saw Savitar kill his love interest.

Barry spent the series trying to prevent Savitar from killing his girlfriend. Every change he made had no effect on the future. Savitar turned out to be a copy of Barry Allen who had been created during the face off between Barry Allen and Zoom in the previous series.


Savitar had control over another person who initially was referred to as Alchemy. Alchemy was revealed to be Julian Albert, a forensics technician at Central City police department who worked alongside Barry Allen. The group at S.T.A.R. labs were able to break the hold that Alchemy had over Alchemy and welcome him into the fold.

The Thinker/Clifford DeVoe

The Thinker

After defeating Savitar, The Flash had to hand himself into the Speed Force and be imprisoned. Cisco and the rest of S.T.A.R. Labs came up with a plan to get him out when a Robot Samurai was causing problems in Central City. Cisco was able to open a portal to the SpeedForce and bring Barry Allen back and defeat the Samurai.

Opening a portal affected a bus and its passengers giving them all meta powers. Barry and the team were in a race against time each week to locate a passenger on the bus. One of the passenger was Ralph, a cowardly private detective who had the ability to stretch and change looks and shape who would help out the team but couldn't take anything seriously.

DeVoe was able to move from one meta body to another and impersonating the new person. DeVoe used his original body to ensarl and imprison Barry Allen in the same prison as his father had been in. Team Flash would eventually get Barry out but the mission to defeat DeVoe continued.

Captain Cold

Captain Cold

In addition to Zoom/Reverse-Flash, The Flash has reoccurring adventures against Captain Cold who has been voted as the number one enemy after Eobard. Comics Alliance. Captain Cold, Leonard Snart doesn't have meta-human powers like the Flash or Weather Wizard, he has a gun which freezes things. The gun was originally made by Cisco, a colleague of Barry Allens but it fell into Leonard's hands.

Leonard has been known to help Flash when it is in Leonard's interests. It has been known that Flash and Leonard have saved each others lives. When it was discovered that Leonards father had returned and had planted a bomb on Leonards sister, Barry got involved with the Snarts to protect Leonards sister.

In Legends of Tomorrow, another D.C. television series, Captain Cold is recruited to become a hero, and as the title says, a Legend of Tomorrow for saving the future. Along with accomplice Mick Rory / Heatwave, they travel back and forth with Rip Hunter to save the future in the Waverider. Rip Hunter is played by Arthur Darvill who was once a companion of Doctor WHo.

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MiguelitoMonday, 3rd December 2018 10:51:24 PM
I honestly think Savitar is the baddest enemy out of all. Like honestly he would destroy any other. I know DeVoe is smart and all, but Savitar is soooo fast, DeVoe wouldn't stand a chance, and Captain Cold, shouldn't even be up there, he has no powers, he's just a guy with a gun. So yeah.
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