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The Lances (Quentin, Dinah, Sara and Laurel) - Justice League

The Lances are a family of four members who appear in the Arrow series. They are family friends of Oliver Queen. During his time, Oliver Queen had dated both sisters. When Oliver left in the Queen's Gambit yacht with his father, Robert, Sara would stowaway on board.

Sara had a sister who became a lawyer and whose father, Quentin is a police man. Neither of the Lances can quite come to terms with what happened to Sara and they blame Oliver for her death.

Oliver managed to persuade John Diggle to become the Arrow to take on a criminal so that he could be seen by many people at a party thereby having an alibi and therefore not be the Arrow.


Black Canary would make an appearance in series seven of Smallville. Unlike Arrows version, Black Canary is known as Dinah Lance and her father is Larry Lance. Those people at D.C. Comics love their characters have a double L, -> Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lionel Luthor, Lex Luthor.

Black Canary's father is only mentioned by name rather than appearing in the series. The focus is on Smallville, in particular Clark Kent. Like her arrow counterpart, Dinah is able to sonic scream to take out her enemies.

Quentin Lance

Quentin Lance played by Paul Blackthorne in Arrow

In the first series, Quentin Lance is a police detective who secretly works with Arrow to bring down criminals. When it is discovered that Quentin had been passing information to the vigilante known as the Arrow, Quentin is demoted to that of officer.

When the city comes under siege by Deathstroke, it is Quentin who organises what is left of the police force to defeat Deathstroke and his army of infected Mirakuru super soldiers. After Deathstroke is defeated, Quentin is promoted to police captain.

Quentin would eventually incriminate himself to ensure that Damian Darhk is put behind bars for the crimes he has committed. As a result of incriminating himself, he is sacked as police chief. Oliver Queen hires Quentin to be his legal advisor whilst he is mayor of Starling City.

Quentin's partner is Lucas Hilton played by Roger Black, better known for his role of Kal Varrick in the Dark Matter series. Lucas survives until the second series when his character is killed by Cyrus Gold.

Laurel Lance

Laurel Lance played by Katie Cassidey

Laurel Lance is a district attorney in Arrow and one of her first cases to prosecute is that of Oliver Queen who she and the police believes is the vigilante, Arrow. Her case is thwarted when John Diggle disguises himself as the Arrow so to show that Oliver is not the Arrow.

Laurel's career comes to a premature end when its discovered that Laurel is an alcoholic. Laurel will return eventually to the role of being an attorney over time but not straight away.

When Sara Lance returns to Star City, Laurel is the last one to know which angers her. When Sara is killed, Laurel tries to take up Sara's position in Team Arrow by becoming a vigilante. Laurel's efforts to beat up the enemy does not work and it falls flat, she will end up being beaten most of the time. Over time, Laurel learns to handle fights and therefore become useful to Team Arrow.

Laurel also gains the ability to scream which can melt metal. Laurel's role as Black Canary comes to an end when Damian Darhk kills her during a fight.

A Laurel Lance from another realm in the multiverse comes through to our realm and sides with the enemies. When Quentin discovers that a new Laurel has joined this realm from another, Quentin sets out to try and bring her back into the fold and make her good. Laurel may give the impression that shes been turned to good but its only an elaborate plan to trick Quentin.

Sara Lance

Sara Lance played by Caity Lotz

Sara sneaked onto the Queen's Gambit when it left for a voyage. The ship became damaged and it was feared that whilst Oliver and Robert survived, Sara died. Sara survived but is not seen into the second series. Sara appeared both in the present and in the past as we see her survive on the Island and cope with the present and dealing with the aftermath of her return

On Lian Yu, the island, she helped Oliver Queen and Slade Wilson/Deathstroke take on Dr Anthony Ivo who was carrying out experiments to create a drug that gave people superhuman powers called Mirakuru. Doctor Ivo would give Oliver a choice to save the life of either Shado or Sara Lance and he chose to save Sara. Deathstroke was in love with Shado and when he overheard what happened, he wanted to exact revenge on Oliver.

After the events on Lian Yu, Sara Lance would disappear again. Sara would have an affair with Nyssa Al-Ghul during the time out. When Sara returned to Star City, she became the Dark Canary and would beat up criminals. She would partner with Oliver Queen and Team Arrow to take out criminals. Sara's crime fighting would come to an abrupt end when Thea Queen under the mind control of Malcolm Merlyn fired an arrow into Sara killing her. Sara would be buried in an unmarked grave in the city cemetery.

When Laurel and Thea find out about the Lazarus Pit, they take Sara's body to the pit and resurrect her. The resurrection worked but she came back with a bloodlust, an urge to kill people. Oliver called on the help of John Constantine, an exorcist to remove the Bloodlust from Sara's body and it worked. Nyssa would later poison the Lazarus Pit so it could no longer bring anyone back alive.

Sara would leave Team arrow and become a Legend of Tomorrow travelling back and forth on board the Waverider to prevent distortions in time. Although Rip Hunter was the leader at the beginning, Sara Lance would take on the role going forward. Sara would have a relationship with Ava Sharpe, a senior member of the Time Bureau. Ava Sharpe was a clone that Rip Hunter hired to help run the Bureau.

Dinah Lance

Dinah Laurel played by Alex Kingston

Dinah Lance was married to Quentin but they divorced after Sara's disappearance. Dinah makes guest appearances in the series, sometimes in flashbacks before the shipwreck and sometimes in the present. Dinah has moved away from Starling/Star City.

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