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MI5 deals primarily with any threat to the security of the United Kingdom. If the threat is coming from abroad, then officers will be despatched to deal with the threat whilst working alongside M.I.6. Its prominence has increased greatly recently due to the threat of Islamist terrorist attacks and the programme The head of the Service is known as K after the surname of the first Director. The Service currently has an even split amongst its employees along gender lines but those applying for the service are 75% male. It wants to recruit more women and has taken out adverts in prominent womens magazines to do so. If you`re up for it, apply. Even though M.I.5. is the domestic intelligence service, they work outside the United Kingdom both with their M.I.6. partners and foreign partners. They will use intelligence satellites to gain information and intelligence from around the world.

Brieft History of M.I.5.

With the threat from Germany increasing, the Secret Service Bureau was created under the command of Sir Vernon George Waldegrave Kell, an officer in the British Army and Captain Sir George Mansfield Smith-Cumming of the Royal Navy. The Army took on the role of intelligence at home whilst the Navy looked after intelligence from abroad. The organisations split when it was realised that they could function independent of one another. Kell took on the role of Internal Security whereas Smith later Smith-Cummings looked after foreign threats. It had been thought that there were a lot of Germans spies in the country just before the outbreak of the war, however there turned out to be less than had been estimated. They managed to identify a number of spies but did not arrest them, as they were not proving to be a problem. If they had been arrested, they would`ve simply been replaced and the task of identifying them would`ve started from scratch. When War did break out, the spies were arrested.

After the war, the IRA infiltrated it, and all its agents were executed. Its role expanded overseas but quickly diminished as the Empire became smaller. It techniques which had been developed in the earlier stages weren`t as adaptable to the changing times as they had hoped. The Russians were more successful at their game in infiltrating the British Establishment gaining valuable information for them.

When Chuchill became Prime Minister, Kell who had been in the Director`s seat all this time was forced to step aside. It had been driven by the near collapse of the organisation due to its inability to cope with the war and rounding up enemy spies. During the Second World War, the organisation primarily targeted turning those German Spies into double agents thus feeding their original masters misinformation. Amongst the misinformation that was sent back to the Germans was information about D-Day.

After the war, the Service became interested in the Soviet threat and sought to prevent secrets of the state from falling into enemy hands. It had to deal with internal threats to its existence such as from double agents such as those known as the Cambridge Five (Harold `Kim` Philby, Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, Anthony Blunt and John Cairncross). Its remit not only included dealing with espionage but terrorism such as that posed by the IRA.

The Current Task for M.I.5.

Since 1990 when John Major`s Government made it come out from the covers, it`s being thrown more and more into the limelight. Before, it was answerable only to the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary. Parliament`s Intelligence and Security Committee now monitor its operations. The committee members report only to the Prime Minister. As of the 9/11, Madrid, Bali and London Bombings, the organisation is looking at increasing its size by fifty percent. It is hoping to recruit more people from certain backgrounds. Whereas before the recruits came from prestigious universities, it now widening its target recruitments groups.

The threat from Islamist terrorist has increased recently, the traditional threats, which we used to associate with MI5, have not gone away. Foreign Intelligence Agents primarily from Russia and China are still operating in this country. Their numbers are at their highest for a long time. Threats don`t disappear, just new ones appear.

M.I.5. Recruitment

Sign me up, I want to join. You have to be a British Citizen first and foremost. You will have needed to be resident in this country for the past ten years; there are some working and educational exceptions. Your parents must prove they have substantial ties to the UK. The youngest to which you can apply is 17 and due to who they are, security clearance can take months so be warned. Source

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