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Unlike many organisations mentioned on this website, M.I.6. is a real organisation that was formed in 1909. M.I.6. is an abbreviation for Secret Intelligence Service. M.I.6. was formed in 1909 as part of the Secret Service Bureau when the threat coming from Germany was becoming very high. It was consisted of a number of army personnel who would track Germans in the country. As their roles became more and more diverse, the organisation split into two, one to deal with internal threats (Security Service better known as Military Intelligence Section 5) and external threats (Secret Intelligence Service also known as Military Intelligence Section 6).

In the films and books, the head of the organisation is `M` but in real life, the head has the letter designation of `C`. The `C` comes from the first head of M.I.6., Captain George Mansfield Smith-Cummings who used to write the letter `C` in green pen on papers that he wished to read. From that moment on, the head of the organisation is known as `C` and writes in green pen. The sister organisation, M.I.5, has the letter designation of `K` after the first and longest chief, Vernon Kell.

For years, the two organisations existance were denied by the British Government until the 1994 with the Intelligence Services Act. Until it was officially recognised, James Bond was a Commander in Naval Intelligence. Bond still has a background in Naval Intelligence but he is more closely associated with M.I.6. now.

M.I.6. has a close working relationship with other agencies around the world including that of the C.I.A., the main foreign threat intelligence service of the United States of America. It will also have a working relationship with the F.S.B. which stands for Federal`naya sluzhba bezopasnosti Rossiyskoy Federatsii. In English, the FSB stands for Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. How deep the F.S.B. and M.I.6.`s working relationship is is unknown. Speculating, it would be limited to terrorist information sharing, defence, nooooooo.

The headquarters of M.I.6. is Vauxhall Cross, South London, for one of the most secretive organisations in the U.K., its building is one of the conspicuous buildings in the United Kingdom and is recognisable by many people. Its also been seen in numerous spy films including James Bond films.

The most famous intelligence officer, (they don`t call themselves secret agents, to them agents are the people they tap for information) is James Bond, 007, licenced to kill. As to whether they have licences to kill is open to speculation. The official story line of the British Government is that they don`t but people point to so-called James Bond clauses in Government Acts of Parliament. 1

Unlike James Bond, M.I.6.`s only adventures allegedly into space is sending spy satiellites up to provide intelligence for the people on the ground.

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Q ( Desmond Llewelyn, John Cleese, Ben Whishaw )

Q ( Desmond Llewelyn, John Cleese, Ben Whishaw ) Q - John Cleese - Die Another DayQ - Ben Wishaw - Skyfall

Q or Quartermaster makes gadgets for the Worlds Number 1 spy, James Bond. Without his gadgets, James Bond would be unable to save the world from terrorists such as Hugo Drax in Moonraker. In Dr. No, Q is referred to as Major Boothroyd not as `Q` but in subsequent films, Boothroyd known as `Q`. Q should not be confused with M who is the head of M.I.6..

In The World is Not Enough, we are introduced to `R` who will move down the letters when the current `Q` retires as the end of the film.

Q appears in most of the Bond films with the exceptions being Live and Let Die, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace. Q makes a return as more youthful Quartermaster in Skyfall played by Ben Whishall. The original `Q` had an admiration for Bond even if James Bond did seem to not be bothered by what Q was saying.

Q has been seen out in the field, he meets and greats James Bond when he arrives in Germany to hand over the keys to James new car and show how to drive the vehicle. In Licence to Kill, Q helps out with causing a diversion for James Bond with the help of C.I.A. agent Pam Bouvier.

Desmond Llewelyn got the job because the person who had played Q in the Dr. No was unable at the time to reprise his role and as they say, the rest is history. Desmond played the part of `Q` from 1963 right up to and including 1999 where his character then retired. Sadly after the film came out, Desmond Llewelyn died in a car accident.

In reality, M.I.6. has a real life `Q` branch which makes all the gadgets that the spies need including fake rocks. 1.

In the films, the Quartermaster appears as Major Boothroyd, named after a real life person, Geoffrey Boothroyd who once wrote to the author of the books, Ian Fleming to say he wasn`t using the right weapon for James Bond. 2

Some of the gadgets that got created by Q Branch got a little silly, for example, in Die Another Day, the Q branch come up with an invisible car, something plaining stretching the plausibility a little too much, not to say a mad man with a nuclear missile is plausible. Nuclear weapons are heavily guarded and someone could not just walk out with a ready made nuclear weapon. Although security is tight around Uranium Mines, trading in radioactive materials still occurs and it terrifies the jeebies out of international intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

When Daniel Craig became Bond, both Q and Miss Moneypenny characters were ommited from the stories because they wanted a break from the past and the stupidity of the gadgets. Both Moneypenny and Q were reintroduced in Skyfall and the gadgets such as a radio transmitter and a watch that also tells the time were introduced. James Bond and Q first meet in a museum and James Bond can`t believe who the person the Quartermaster is because he`s so young but in the end, he accept Q and takes the gadgets that have been given to him.

In Spectre, Q gets out from behind his desk and go out into the field to try to reign James Bond back but to little avail in Austria. In Austria, James Bond calls upon Q`s skills to try and work out who is behind the terrorist attacks and see if there`s a link between everything.

Miss Moneypenny ( Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss, Samantha Bond, Naomie Harris )

Miss Moneypenny ( Lois Maxwell, Caroline Bliss, Samantha Bond, Naomie Harris ) Miss Moneypenny - Caroline Bliss - The Living DaylightsMiss Moneypenny - Samantha Bond - GoldeneyeMiss Moneypenny - Naomi Harris - Skyfall

Miss Moneypenny is `M`s secretary who secretly wishes she was Mrs Bond rather than just a face in the office. Prior to Skyfall, Miss Moneypenny has had only a small amount of field experience, mainly to pass information to James Bond.

In Skyfall, Miss Moneypenny`s first name is revealed to be Eve. She is also revealed to have been an agent at one time but after the disasters that happened in Skyfall, she decided to get a desk job instead. I think we will see more of her out on the field now in future films but there`ll still be another female character who will take central role though.

James Bond ( Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig )

James Bond ( Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig ) James Bond - George Lazenby - On Her Majestys Secret ServiceJames Bond - Roger MooreJames Bond - Timothy DaltonJames Bond - Pierce BrosnanJames Bond - Daniel Craig

James Bond was born in November and that is the only thing that most sites on the Internet can agree on to Andrew, a Scottish Businessman and Monique, Andrew`s Swiss Wife. The common date for his birth in the literary world is the 11th, Armistace Day when the guns fell silent at the end of the First World War. James was an only child. If you`re wondering, the date of his birthday makes James born under the Zodiac constellations of Scorpion. However if you prescribe to the 13 signs of the Zodiac including Ophiuchus, the Serpent Wrestler, then James would be a Libran immaterial of whether born on the 11th or 16th of November.

James Bond was bought up by his aunt after his parents died during an mountaineering accident. James Bond was bought up in Scotland at the Skyfall Manor where he returns to kill Raoul Silva in the film Skyfall. James Bond went to live with his Aunt who sent away to Eton from where he then progressed to Cambridge getting a first in Oriental languages. James Bond joined the Navy and was recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service or as its more commonly known MI6. MI6 is equivalent to America`s C.I.A. He always tries to mix business with pleasure with his gambling, drinking and love of women.

James Bond`s enemies have always been fictional terrorists, he`s never taken on the I.R.A. or Al Qaeda. In the original stories written by Ian Fleming, his prime enemy was SMERSH, an organisation with links to the Russian government. To translate SMERSH into movies would be fraught with problems so the enemy became SPECTRE unaligned to any government.

James Bond has always been reinvented with different actors playing the role. The producers had thought about having a storyline that explained why he looked different but they choose against that idea, thinking it would be seen as patronising.

James Bond answers to his boss `M` whose letter is derived from the fact that in the real M.I.6., the head of the organisation is called `C` after the first chief, Captain George Mansfield Cumming-Smith who used to write the letter `C` on papers of interest in green ink.

James Bond is famous for partnering up with a female to bring down the terrorists along with the Aston Martin and gadgets that are built by Q.

The films are produced by Eon Productions which is mainly owned by the Broccoli family who have controlled nearly every James Bond film except Casino Royale, the David Niven version and Never Say Never Again which is an official remake of Thunderball with Sean Connery returning as James Bond.

The Bond films were admittedly getting a bit stale when Die Another Day came out. The producers were always trying to outdo the previous film with gadgets but Die Another Day took the biscuit with the Invisible Car. After Pierces four film contract had ended, they started from anew with Daniel Craig as Bond having just been prompted to rank of a double O agent. The OO means Eyes Only.

James Bond ventured out into space in Moonraker but has been on terra firma ever since. However, the gadgets he uses and the weapons that the terrorists have in their arsenal are sometimes satellites hence the reason why this franchise being documented on this site.

James Bond has been played by a number of different actors since he was first on the big screen by Sean Connery. When Sean didn`t want to play the character anymore, they turned to George Lazenby who only made one film before Sean Connery returned for one last time in the official series. They didn`t say Bond had plastic surgery to say why he looked different which if they did, they thought the viewers wouldn`t like it. Roger Moore took on the role in the seventies and has played the smooth the most times. When a reboot was called for, a youthful Daniel Craig stepped up to the role and played the spy as though he had just got promoted to 00 section

The first ever time James Bond was made into entertainment, it was for American television, the 00 became Jimmy Bond and was an agent for the C.I.A. and Felix Leiter worked for British Intelligence. Soon after, it was turned into a film series and the rest is history.

Valentin Zukovsky ( Robbie Coltrane )

Valentin Zukovsky ( Robbie Coltrane )

Valentin Zukovsky used to be a K.G.B. spy who when the Soviet Union fell apart was able to make the transition to become a free market businessman. He appeared in two James Bond films, Goldeneye and The World is not Enough. Zukovsky walks with a limp, having been shot in the leg by James Bond. Valentin offers to do the same professional curtesy that was shown onto him but James manages to bargain his way out and get persuade Valentin to be put in contact with the Janus Syndicate.

In the World is Not Enough, the coldness between the two characters (Valentin and James Bond) warms up a lot. Valentin doesn`t hold a grudge against James Bond anymore. Valentin owns a casino where Electra King places a bet at the table where she expects to loose. Valentin rescues James Bond at the end of the film before James` neck is broken by Electra King.

Bill Tanner ( Michael Goodliffe, James Villers, Michael Kitchen, Rory Kinnear )

Bill Tanner ( Michael Goodliffe, James Villers, Michael Kitchen, Rory Kinnear ) Bill Tanner - James Bond - James Villers - For Your Eyes OnlyBill Tanner - James Bond - Michael KItchenBill Tanner - James Bond - Rory Kinnear - Skyfall

Bill Tanner is `M` Chief of Staff, a character who appears infrequently in films and in the books. Bill Tanner is a strong advocate of James Bond, someone who will defend his friend whenever it is needed. Bill Tanners biggest appearance is in `For Your Eyes Only` as the actor who had played `M` had just died and they thought it was too disrespectful to cast someone in the role of `M` so soon after the actor death. Unlike Bond, Tanner does not go on missions. His character appeared every so often but since Quantum of Solace, he character has become regularly. Although at the time of writing, he`s only appeared in the two films, it is a strong possibility that his character will appear as much as Miss Moneypenny does.

In the books, Bill is the only one friend that James Bond can truly rely on, the others just see James as being a cold-hearted assassin and want nothing to do with him. In the updated Bond films with Daniel Craig, he might`ve come across as a secretary to M, his brief later moves away from just being a "P.A." to providing Bond with help and assistance. Although he occassionally appeared in the films, since Rory Kinnear took over the character, his character has become a regular.

M ( Judi Dench, Bernard Lee, Robert Brown )

M ( Judi Dench, Bernard Lee, Robert Brown ) James Bond - M - M.I.6. - Robert BrownJames Bond - M - M.I.6. - Judi DenchJames Bond - M - M.I.6. - Ralph Fiennes

`M` is James Bond`s superior at M.I.6. and who tasks 007 with missions. In Casino Royale, `M` says she answers to the Prime Minister but in real lfe, `M` would answer to the Foreign Secretary first.

The letter is inspired by the life head of M.I.6. who is known as `C` after the first chief Captain George Mansfield Cummings-Smith. Cummings-Smith would write the letter `C` in green ink on papers he wished to read later. In the books, `M`s real name is revealed to be Vice Admiral Sir Miles Messervy KCMG and Dame Judi Dench`s `M` real name is Olivia Mansfield 1. Mansfield comes from the first head of the real organisation Captains Mansfield Cummings-Smith . When Olivia is killed, the next chief is revealed to Gareth Mallory, thus continuing the line of characters with a surname beginning with the letter `M`. Incidentally, the head of the domestic intelligence service, `M.I.5.` M (Security Service) is known as `K` after the first head, Vernon Kell.

`M` although doesn`t get involved in any shooting does leave the confines of the office and come and meet James Bond to check on his assignment. `M` has been seen out of the office in but not limited to in You Only Live Twice, Licence to Kill and Skyfall. Skyfall has `M` the target of an avenging M.I.6. who wants revenge for sending him (Raoul Silva) on a mission which has caused him great pain.

`M` relationship with Bond is that of parent and child, one where the parent gets angry at what the child does at times and proud when the child has done right. In Goldeneye `M` has a great conversation with Bond to explain what the new `M` thinks of Bond. `M` favourite double-O agent is 008 who according to M takes orders.

M: You don`t like me, Bond. You don`t like my methods. You think I`m an accountant, a bean counter more interested in my numbers than your instincts.
Bond: The thought had occurred to me.
M: Good. Because I think you`re a sexist, misogynist dinosaur. A relic of the Cold War, whose boyish charms, though lost on me, obviously appealed to that young girl I sent out to evaluate you.
Bond: Point taken.
M: Not quite, 007. If you think I don`t have the balls to send a man out to die, your instincts are dead wrong. I`ve no compunction about sending you to your death. But I won`t do it on a whim. Even with your cavalier attitude towards life. I want you to find GoldenEye, find out who took and what they plan to do with it, and stop it. And if you should come across Ourumov, guilty or not, I don`t want you running off on some vendetta. Avenging Alec Trevelyan will not bring him back.
Bond: You didn`t get him killed.
M: Neither did you. Don`t make it personal.
Bond: Never. [turns to leave]
M: Bond.
[Bond stop and turns to her]
M: Come back alive.

In Spectre, M berates James Bond for going off to Mexico without authority from M. M suspends James Bond but that doesn`t stop James Bond from persuading going to Italy to attend the funeral of Marco Sciarra, the man James Bond killed in Mexico. However as the film goes on, M comes round to James Bond kind of thinking and supports him whole-heartedly on James` mission to bring down Oberhauser. Also in Spectre, we see a bit more of M this time round as he has to deal with keeping MI6 after Max Denbigh is trying to get it merged into the Centre for National Intelligence. M also sees some action which includes killing Max Denbigh at the headquarters of the new intelligence service, something that never happened in the previous films.

Charles Robinson ( Colin Salmon )

Charles Robinson ( Colin Salmon )

Charles Robinson is a small character in the James Bond, 007 films, his role is Deputy Chief of Staff at M.I.6.. He appears in Tomorrow Never Dies, The World is Not Enough and Die Another Day. He is not an agent like James Bond, more support staff for M. The Chief of Staff is Bill Tanner but as the actor who played the role in Goldeneye couldn`t reprise the role, Charles Robinson character appeared instead.

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