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The Resistance - V

The Resistance are a group of scientists and other people who band together to feat the threat from the Visitors. The leaders of the Resistance are Mike Donovan, a news cameraman, Dr Juliet Parish, a scientist and Ham Tyler, an soldier, The Resistance are helped by Visitors who believe that the

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Martin-Philip ( Frank Ashmore )

In the first two mini-series, the character is known as Martin, a human sympathiser with the Fifth Column. A Fifth Column refers to a group who work within a larger group to undermine the larger group. 1. He first appears by rescuing Mike from the Mothership over Los Angeles and together escape using a parachute.

In Liberation Day, Martin is unexpectedly killed off by Diana when he goes to kill Diana who has been sprung from prisoner by a group of mercenaries led by Ham Tyler. Martin`s brother Philip appears in V - The Champion, again as a sympathiser with the Resistance. Philip has a higher rank this time, able to order Diana about.

Robert Maxwell ( Michael Durrell )

Robert is a scientist who has to go underground when the Visitors start persecuting those who might just uncover the truth about the visitors. He joins the Resistance and becomes one of the leaders. He tries to keep his family safe including that of his daughter Robin Maxwell who has made love to a Visitor and produced Elizabeth Maxwell, the star child. Robert is a relunctant fighter but one who does what is necessary.

Elias Taylor ( Michael Wright )

Elias is a thief who joins the Resistance when his brother is killed by the Visitors. After the war, he is pardoned of all crimes and sets up his own restaurant which becomes the base of the Resistance movement.

Mike Donovan ( Marc Singer )

Mike Donovan is a cameraman by trade, he`s out in Central America filming rebels when the Visitors first arrive. Mike becomes one of the first people aboard the mothership by invitation. When things begin to go strange in the country, Mike secretly gets onboard the ship. Once onboard, he discovers what aliens really look like. They`re lizards and from then on, he becomes their number one target for capture. He joins the L.A. Resistance as one of their leaders.

Donovan has a will he, won`t he relationship with Dr Juliet Parrish, one of the other Resistance leaders. Mike is one of the characters who appears all through the series and isn`t replaced midseries.

Mike`s mother Eleanor Dupress is in awe of the Visitors and sides with them right up to the moment when Ham Tyler launches an offensive onto the Visitor Embassy. Mike is disowned by his mother which doesn`t seem to bother Mike one bit. Mike has a son Sean who the Visitor use as a bargaining chip to get Mike. Mike hands himself over to Diana who tortures him but MIke is rescued by members of the Fifth Column. Mike has a friendship with Martin who provides the resistance movement with information about what Diana is up to.

In the final Final Battle mini-series, Mike leads the assault on the Los Angeles Visitor Mothership and captures his nemesis Diana.

Willie ( Robert Englund )

One of a small number of Sirian visitors who have opted to side with the humans. He is known for his clumsiness and a mentor to the sta-child Elizabeth.

Ham Tyler ( Michael Ironside )

Ham Tyler was introduced in the second mini-series along with Chris Faber. Ham is ex-C.I.A. and ex-Military, he is also a mercenary. Ham has no love for the Visitors and would like to see the end of them including that of Willie but he does come round eventually.

Ham brings military experience to the group. Ham leads the assault on the Visitor Embassy at the end of the V:Final Battle series whereas Mike Donovan takes on the Visitor Mothership.

On Liberation Day, Ham is a mercenary again, employed by Nathan Bates to rescue Diana from her court case. Diana manages to escape imprisonment and the second wave of attacks begin. Ham returns to the Resistance to help in the fight.

In mid-series, Ham Tyler leaves for Chicago along with Chris Faber and Robin Maxwell.

Robin Maxwell ( Blair Tefkin )

In the first series of V, she comes across an immature girl who falls for one of the visitors called Brian. One thing leads to another and they make love before she realises what the aliens really are and want. Robin gives birth to a baby girl which she names Elizabeth. Also born is a lizard that subsequently dies. As the episodes progress, she becomes a prominent member of the resistance. She treats the hybrid as any normal child. In the mini-series, she and her daughter both fall for the same man (Kyle Bates) which makes matters a bit difficult between them.

Dr Juliet Parrish ( Faye Grant )

Dr. Juliet Parrish is a scientist who when the Visitors starts to crack down on people they see as a threat, creates a resistance movement with her fellow scientists. They recruit Mike Donovan, a t.v. cameraman who has uncovered the truth. She has a will she, won`t she relationship with Mike although never quite getting there. When Juliet is captured by the Visitors, a Visitor sympathiser launches a rescue mission but it is unsuccessful but eventually the resistance do get her back.

Kyle Bates ( Jeff Yagher )

Kyle Bates is introduced in Breakout where the Resistance have been captured and held prisoner. He has a love triangle with Elizabeth Maxwell and her mother Robin Maxwell which comes to a head in Reflections in Terror. His father is Nathan Bates with whom he doesn`t see eye to eye with.

Elizabeth Maxwell ( Jennifer Cooke )

Elizabeth is the product of a science experiment between a human and a Visitors. The father is kidnapped by the Resistance and it is Robin Maxwell, Elizabeth`s mother who administers the poison to the father to kill him. Elizabeth`s growth is phenomenal, from birth, she turns into a young girl in a matter of days then to a young woman in the full series.

In the series, she has a love triangle with her mother over Kyle Bates, a new member of the Resistance. A side effect of the fact that she`s mixed human/alien is that she has teleknetic powers, able to cause things to explode or move.

Chris Faber ( Mickey Jones )

He appeared in the `Final Battle` along with Ham Tyler but then went missing for the first set of episodes. He returned in mid-way through the series helping children escape from the visitor clutches.

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